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Was going to put a modest well but i figured you might with football yet i'm happy i have a little uh diverse more diverse list i don't let them both thai fully ah bruce bowen what we've had on the show a few times and it was in it was a different kind of dirty it was a tactical dirty it was the l i didn't do it look if you do anything i swear yeah he did that all the time try taking a jump shot in the vicinity of bruce bowen where he would strategically what allied the allan houston as under isaiah thomas that so many guys verity really unacceptably dirty you don't do that bruce bowen over six number fi i gotta go charlie hustle for mean we know p rose was dirty of for all the things that it off the field including some of the things the recently came out but other the fossey hit if this was pre mateen seventy eight seventy also the all star gave out of and you run it over the catch of this is pre buster posey's hitting the rule change sipe they back then you could run in the pick and roll friends by the way yeah they're good friends and pete roads than gear whose thirty you will you get like an extra five hundred bucks if you were the all star game the probably had to put it he had a poor lego going that night probably with the allstar game i would have what it really surprising well though narrative number five i think this might surprise a lotta people because it's one of the great in the aca to hockey players on the phone ever settled milwaukee gordie howe there's a reason they call it the how hattrick of gold and assists and a fight that's what they call the how hatch ray gordie howe number five dirty bt drop in the knowledge and that's right mind grew four jack to say to them in a preseason game youth the miami dolphins barrels thing league paralysed because jack tatum crushed him going across the middle of this guy made a living nakad people out at least try and knock people out to so much to the point is nickname the.

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