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Apple podcasts, Google podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Dr Ford lied. The Senate committee hearing and that is a felony. Played to the audio where she said under oath that. She's never had discussions with anybody about a polygraph for how to do on or coached anybody or been coached yourself. In any way, shape or form shoes as twice in detail. And she said she had not never never well. Her ex ex Bo who she dated for for six years and live with etcetera says that he never told her about a sexual assault, which by the way. I don't think it's I think it's possible that date somebody for six years, and they never tell you about that. I I don't so I don't necessarily think that's you can put it into your file, but followed up there, but you know, his credibility, but not that's not to me an issue. But. He says listen to this you guys. This is the direct under oath. Statement that was just given to the congressional committee or the FBI I don't know which one, but it's on on the record now, and it's a felony if he's lying. He scientists warden statement saying I witnessed Dr Ford help. Her roommate and close friend who was interviewing for jobs with the FBI and US attorney's office any lists her Monica, L McLean. So in other words, they know, and they could pull up the the exact time and dates of these applications you, and I know that especially when you apply for a government job, right? And she I witnessed she said. He says Dr Ford help McLean prepare for a potential polygraph exam. Dr Ford explained in detail what to expect how polygraphs worked and helped McLean. Become familiar and less nervous about the exam. Dr Ford was able to help because of her background in psychology. Dude. She set this up. She set the I've never come out like this before on Dr four, but I am tonight. She set this up Dr Ford set this up. She is a psychiatrist apparently an expert in this kind of stuff just in general, and she set this one up he says, well, he visited Ford in Hawaii. He traveled around the Hawaiian islands with her including once in a propeller plane, Dr Ford never indicated the fear of flying member. She said that she couldn't fly to give her testimony to congress because she was afraid you're claustrophobic, by the way, she was asked about that under oath and she lied under oath about that too. Correct. She said. He says that to the best of my she said they were in a prop plane flew around and several islands in Dr Ford. Never indicated a fear of flying to the best of my recollection. Dr Ford never expressed a fear of close quarters tight spaces or places with only one exit. I assisted Dr Ford with finding a place to live in California. She ended up living in a very small five hundred square foot house with one door. But yet under oath in testimony. She was asked by Dianne Feinstein. Is it true that you have claustrophobia issues? And it's because of this correct? Oh. It's not good. Because now, maybe criminally. In trouble here. Yeah. Here Feinstein asked here. Ford testified that she wanted the door to alleviate symptoms of claustrophobia panic attacks. He's still end panic attacks that she still suffered from an alleged attempt raped it attempted rape by caviar in the early eighties. Is that the reason for the second door the front door is claustrophobia down at Senator Feinstein because she has a second door put it in her house. She had one in rural housing and yes, correct? She said. Oh, I got news on the second door to it's bad. That's a lie to she. Lied under oath several times guys. Directly not interact or well, that's embellishing. Well, that's new. This is this is direct Plymouth finish off with her ex boyfriend. He also says listen to this. That I noticed a year after they broke up. They had a joint credit card a year after I broke up with her. We broke up every says. And by the way, he's not nasty, and this this isn't a nasty gram in a sworn statement that he signed he said that I've found her to be truthful and maintain no animus towards her. So he's not knocking hurry just set in the street. So that we understand the truth. He said that a year after they've broken up. He noticed that Dr Ford had been charging his credit card that they had jointly in charge. Six hundred dollars worth of merchandise. When he confronted her. And this is science sworn statement, which is a felony if he's lying when he confronted her. She said she did not use the card. But later admitted to the us after I threatened to involve fraud prevention, which is what you should do. Right. Somebody charge something for six hundred bucks. And she says it wasn't her. Okay. Thank you. I'm gonna let for provincial. No, wait, wait. I was not correct, right. Oh, some put the pieces are coming together for me that she. Oh. By the way, I did not know this. And you can say what the heck I mean in all the stuff, I've read, you know, today, I read that she has marched against Trump rallies. May I not shocked or anything, but you're starting to figure this all out and the second door thing, here's the here's thing about the second door you like what she had a second door installed front door to her house in Palo Alto, which is our old house. She doesn't live there anymore. She claimed under oath. By saying, correct. To Dianne Feinstein that she got the second door installed because she was afraid of. Because of the alleged sexual assault and she needed a second door to leave and she's claustrophobic. But guess what? The door was installed for an office. That are friends who are psychiatrists as well. Running a practice out of. And then later for renters it was used as a business and renters not for her escape room because she is a alleged rape victim or ledge assault victim. That's a lie. That's a big lie and the permits they found the permits for getting the door at doesn't match up. It's like three years off on her time line. Because I'll I'll share those details with you in just a second. I wanna pause here. And we'll we'll share those details with you coming up next. But then also. I have. Several things two things. First of all, what is she photographed? With clinton. Weinstein Soros is a lot of that's been making the rounds. Right. On social media. Are those all those pictures accurate? I'll tell you about that was Trump mocking. Blassie four Dr Ford, I'll play the audio, and I'll tell you what I think no holds bar. So all that's coming up next on the Chris krok program. Our number's eight hundred two eight eight WBZ eight hundred to eight eight nine two two seven. But as I said, I'm going to give you the details from an investigative piece that was released just today. That shows that her story about getting a second door was not.

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