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Radio sixty six our number for Richard here with it till ten o'clock Jodi Mack taken over at ten in the co pilot's chair we got Brian rest cone handling the controls and will have Sweeney talking Yankees in about fifteen minutes or so eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six is our telephone number to call up we had open lines talk whatever you would like to talk about passing Jim Bowden we've talked a lot about that this morning ball four and we've heard from both sides some who feel that mean about was online right net book and telling tales out of school others like myself feel that day was refreshing that we got to to see that some of our idols had feet of clay in in the thing is and we have a caller I idolize Mickey mantle in Belton said bad things about him well I did to idolize Mickey mantle and I still did after reading the book and after meeting mantle and reading his autobiography or his biography actually you know as I said look okay edges flaws he did some things that he wasn't proud of he didn't take care of himself the way he should have the was of inveterate womanizer he drank a lot and all that kind of stuff he admitted that his life later on but he was still a guy that you know number seven I hope I wear number seven whenever I play ball basically in honor of Mickey mantle and he still is it hero of mine although I understand that he had a short comings like everybody does so I I think the he got enough of the athletes the mythologically taking them away from the you know the guys that can do no wrong and turning them into real people is is probably a a healthy thing and I think it tells the rest of us that wear as we might not have the talent they have they had a baseball four hundred and fifty feet they lack and certain other areas that we may excel land and that just because we can't do what they can do doesn't mean that we're less as human beings than they are so I think I think ball for that a lot of good things over the years and right now and again I haven't read it in years and I I want to re read it sometime I think that you know it would be mild compared to some of the stuff that's out there today and the headlines day after day all right let's get to our phones eight seven seven three three seven six six six six Jake is on Staten Island you're on the fan Jake they're returning to check for Hey I was wondering about the not so I read this article that and the concerned a little bit that said that we're gonna go for Stroman and child not order it was troubling that can shop looks a bit tree because I'm a I'm a he published the stuff of legend times and there is love in startup is in Houston dugout after he gave up a home run a Gary Sanchez I'm just wondering if that wouldn't be too good for the morale building up in the eighties so far this season well I I think if you know anything about the way the Yankees do business there a not only bring in people because of their talent but they also have a eight character area that they use now you know you may thank well the the you know no facial hair and the short hair and all that kind of stuff is way behind the times as I do I feel that you know a guy should be able to express themselves look the way I wanna look doesn't mean anything about ball players but they do have their their their scouts are just looking at how far you can hit the ball or how fast you can throw the ball but basically are you going to fit in and not upset the chemistry of the team they don't want to bring in a I mean me selfish kind of guys you don't want to bring in a hot heads because there are a lot of young guys on this team that could be badly influenced if you bring in the wrong kind of people so I think they're very very cognizant of that and I think they'll be very careful whoever they bring in that he's the right kind of person and do their due diligence as a work study Jim in Connecticut you're on the fan jam morning Richard our area morning Jim I'm good good I just want to chime in more about that about the situation I was in high school when that book came out and aside from the fact that I found it because it was at farmers insurance we know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a.

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