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And it's almost a rant you know it's about the futility of life since one day the sun will implode highpowered all of civilization it's it's fairly grim as a filmmaker do you share that view on the world well i feel that it's important to be realistic and be pragmatic and to understand that all things will indeed come to an end some day and there's nothing we can do about that but i also feel is important to maintain hope if i knew that the w world with when in next week i would still try to be optimistic tomorrow and today and the day after that up until the the the the you know the entire planet collapses like whatever whatever fate has in store for us i feel that is very important to be hopeful not to mystic and so what his monologue is about is trying to find hope in the face of you know potential meaninglessness and that's the important that was an important thing for me to figure out how to do as a human being i think is important for everyone to do because it's it's helpful to just understand the world in which we live in in the and the riadys that face us but it's also so very important to be happy with that accepting of that and to be able to find hope within that i'm ali hassan you're listening to queue and i'm speaking with director david lowery about his new film a ghost story now a couple of minutes ago we played that clip and it struck me the music is so powerful and you bulk of the film is largely silent what role do do the sound and music play in this the sound of music were instrumental in guiding the narrative him and pushing the narrative along and that was very that was that was very evident even from the screenplay stage because.

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