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With is sixth strike up Anna hetero Nick Ramirez Ramirez for two Young Has thrown eighty four pitches Afghan left eat and, feel playing Ramirez to pull and he takes a strike Longest outing of, the year for Alex young Six and two thirds Was in. El Paso July fifteenth this one's foul back at a play count as quickly to to Nick Ramirez He has matched his strikeout high on the area strikeouts six several times before Nice outing Alex young tonight And the. Pitches inside, one and two Is number. Numbers not all that impressive coming in I mean four and three six three ninety RA but Yes pitch better than that tonight Which is in the dirt and account as even a two, and two ondeck Zahren Wilkerson The pitch pulled found outside a I face by the left handed batting Nick Ramirez The splits for young righty lefty have. Been much better against right handed batters for a lefty that suggest is change up Is his big pitch here's a swinging amass Ramirez full badly half-hearted swing and he strikes out and.

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