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The. For the first time in two decades the New England patriots have different quarterback to work around I'm here. Goodwill here with Evan? Lazar lot of people have been talking about what changes we might see from the Patriots offense this year with assuming Jarret Stidham is leading the charge. What do you expect to change if dramatically or small with this offense? While I don't think the changes are going to be that dramatic Sierra, because you look at this offense and you look. Look at what they've had in place here for the last twenty years, and yes, things have been curtailed for Tom Brady and his set and fitting what he does best. Certainly, that is true, but it's also been a very successful system that's been in place here since the beginning of the Dynasty Bill Belichick and Charlie Weis. Really built the basis of the Patriots offense in the early two thousands. Then it sort of evolved when Josh. mcdaniels took over in the late. Late two thousands to mcdaniels vision, updating in a little bit with offenses in where things are going directionally with the entire league, and with the entire sport, tapping into some of the things like with chip, Kelly in the college game, but the no huddle offense, and some of air-raid concepts, getting in there, like Mesh and stuff like that, so the whole system has been in place for a really long time. This is a long way to get to this point the. The whole system has been in place for a really long time and I. Don't expect the Patriots to completely blow it up in reinvent. What do offensively because I. Don't think that stood them. skillset is a far cry from Tom Brady's. It's not like they're going from Tom Brady to Lamar. Jackson here. It's enough similarities there that I. think that they are going to keep it. Generally the same system and I know the terminology is going to be the same. Well obviously after. Two decades, they had a lot of faith in Brady's decision, making skills and his arm in general. What changes do you see them? Implementing based on what we know of stem so far while the biggest thing. I think that they will change is that there's going to certainly be more moving of the pockets so more bootleg actions more rollouts more things where you can get them on. On the perimeter on the move, a little bit cut the field in half. Those reads a little bit easier for them and use his legs which you know, he's not a big time runner, but he does have above average speed, so he used those legs and use that athleticism to move the pocket, a little bit and get defenses shaking a little bit more than what you would. Would in a traditional drop back shotgun type of passing system, so the Patriots will have more bootleg action more rollouts more things, involving Sims legs than we do see that in the past when Brady you know, had to sit out for deflate gate, suspension or two thousand eight with Matt Cassel with Jacoby Reset I would say more so in in the deflategate situation where the Patriots did. Did put more quarterback running elements into their offense, letting the quarterback run with the football. Keep the football himself or just roll out the pocket. So that's GonNa be the real. The the really big innovation I think for this patriots offense. We'll be incorporating more of moving the football outside the pocket for Jared Stadium to really make a little bit easier for him to read the field. The rest for Patriots Coverage. You can find it on our website at C. Elena's media dot com in on our youtube. Channel Patriots Press Pass. How are you gonNA come out of this lockdown when it's over, you're like all the people I know you sure as heck won't be any lighter than going into it I get it though you're stuck inside some, if not zero exercise and have no idea how to curb your food cravings, so you eat, not that eating is a bad thing unless all you're eating are bad things. Instead of packing.

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