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Ryder. So no surprise there. There are a lot of red flags here. I understand. I'm just pushing by him pushing by, um I'm looking at the positive cool with manipulating women just to sleep with them. That's what you're saying is logs. The women were okay being manipulated his pro manipulation. I am not But anyway, I'm sorry, Michelle for getting so heated. I just I want good things to happen for you. Thank you. I just know it's not. I genuinely want good things to happen for you. I'm just worried because whenever we do whenever we do calls like this, there's always some weird thing that the guy has in his back pocket. It's like he's done this 20 times over the last. Here's the thing. She's the one that invited this guy to her house. He didn't invite her over. All you need is a fertile work one time for them to have one genuine connection and fine. Love. And that's what we're here for. Jeff. Okay? No, I got a lot of pressure way. We're just going for a second date. So don't worry someone so I am sorry, Michelle. Okay? No, no, I am sorry that I triggered you in a very specific way. Way in the larger Matt way. Michelle. What I mean, Do you think he's not calling you back? Just because he's a one and done type, dude, or what? I hope not. Because I feel like I have pretty good instincts in that way. And this felt so genuine. I'd have tto reexamine everything that I already know about men. You know what I mean? All I know is that you're either going to be calling a psychologist after this or I'm probably gonna have to go to one. I should probably have it anyway. I guess I do need to talk to someone. But let's knock this out. First. I'm gonna dial Ryder's phone number. You ready? I am. Okay. Here we go..

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