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And of course, file Coby on his Twitter. At the Kobe d we have a shitload of content on right now up on the site. We got behind the NBA picks talking talking Thursday night games and Zack's going to be doing a weekly Thursday night game. Breaking down more depth were diving deeper into DFS got got some new new writers coming up with some sweet DFS lineups. And man, which NBA teams were dressed down the stretch basketball. DFS baseball free agency stuff. I mean, there is just a fucking shitload of content on here. Of course, our buddy, Steve he nailed it with a bunch of w g c Mexico. Championship. DFS golf picks props winters the whole thing. We even got a little show biz stuff the Razzies. You wanna bet on the Razzies? We got you covered so head over overhead podcast dot com. Thank you for tuning in, and please rate and fucking review. This fucking podcast. Wait. Whoa. Sean what I'm just trying to inspire reviews. Have we gotten any new ones? I don't know. I don't know that we have right? And that's why you know, part of keeping the free content machine. Going on is sending in these reviews offer sending messages, but I wanna be accurate. Oh, it does. Look like motherfuckers need to go leave some motherfucking review. Yes. So go take care of your business, which is leaving an awesome rea- four sports gambling podcasts. I'm Sean stack in the money in. He is Ryan people can follow me on Twitter at Kramer's Centric grammar. Let hit right.

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