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I own an uh we get to some of these articles and stuff gal caused up to talk about our own on where we the uh got all kinds of stuff to talk about an won't get into it so let me find some articles to talk about how about uh what's going on with people these days oh ushers harvey's accuser is still in her insurance company for allegedly medical records to double all as a yet jostling with say yeah yeah you yeah you have no right to do that that is providence summation now she's alleging that now may now we know that she uh had a twenty milliondollar lawsuit dismissed which was easily proven false when um you know i guess she in gardez though as i was going um but yes alleging that insurance broker representing three companies expose a medical records and as a result you've taken the to the course in the claim she stays application from when she applied fresheners ended up plastered oliva blog which he says include a lotta sensitive health information the puzzle lead aging took screens acid application aired them out to a media outlet that outlet then published a blog around august last year helm is currently in the process sowing united healthcare blue cross blue shield louisiana and golden rule insurance company she's also planned ceuta unidentified loft reportedly defame are cared about saying she committed insurance fraud hm well.

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