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The Celtics begin a playoff series tonight in Brooklyn against the Nets and the Red Sox continue their road trip in Philadelphia, taking on the Phillies. The following program was taped before an audience of No. One From NPR and be easy. Chicago This is Wait, Wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz. Lactose intolerant. Try me instead. Delicious 2% built I'm Bill Kurtis. And here's your host. A man who just discovered that this isn't a TV show. Peter Sagal. Thank you, Bill. We have a picture for you today. Later on, we're gonna be talking to Jennifer Finney Boylan, the Author, activist and columnist. She's written a new book, A memoir called Good Boy. My Life in Seven Dogs. Interestingly, one of her dogs has also written the book My Life in 1/7 of a human. But first we want to hear your charming stories about your youth. So give us a call. The number is one triple eight. Wait, wait. Hi. You're on. Wait, wait. Don't tell me. Hi. This is Brandt Swirl often. Ryan back New York. Ryan Beck. I happen to know Ryan back fairly. Well, What do you do there? Um, an educator. I teach Spanish to college, among other places, Really Like you teaching. You did Spanish into college, and then you do it in the streets in the alleys and the tougher quarters of wind back, Actually, that's pretty dead on before covert. I taught in the prison. Really? Whoa. Yeah. Who did you find Maura? Attentive, dedicated and rewarding students to teach the prisoners of the college students. They they both bring their game to the table. But I must say the prisoners were less distracted by Cell phones. They don't have any. Yes, Yes, That would be definitely one advantage to your classrooms in a prison. Well, Brent, welcome to our show. Let me introduce you to our panel this week. First up, she's host of the podcast fake the nation. And you can see her June 8th caveat in New York City in the Gin Far sod presents an evening of comedy from her mouth hole. It's Nagin far Saad..

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