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These tweets and coulter calling imprint to be impeached and so that might change his thinking which i think wedded to him for being more open to deal with chuck schumer and then happy called schumer issuers reporter you know trump ecstatic about the coverage he loves the media coverage of this media saying like oh he's now great you'll maker and that's what trump is saying not a coverage of breitbart which is a great window into this other side into the end in mind and friend fred barnes just to pick out of either way i agree with everything he said that's a great analysis of it up what kelly's done and and trump rail at the thing yes very favorable mainstream media coverage dead never could be that are so so they're saying actually says this kelley controls the new slow not just the visitor flow but the news slow which by the way i've worked under james baker who was fabulous chief staff but there is a lie access at least paper wise mean baker control the but it wasn't as tight as it sounds here but i don't know anyway they're saying ashes is saying and actually the breitbart cries saying this that it was kelly who is surrounded trump with people who wanna be bipartisan and it was kelly who sat up the what but breitbart calls the amnesty fiasco that with the rightist blaming kellie for doing this and the leftist praising kelly for doing this but do you think i think trump is made the most of it no question about that and here i just assumed kelley involved there you know there's something he can't do it you can't stop trump tweeting but he can control the flow of information that probably the most important thing he didn't and he thought it very well look trump wants to be more popular he wants to be seen as bipartisan i think he he recognised grad uh government a couple weeks ago how important that is and you don't have to do much to be seen and it's bipartisan at your skin by chuck in nancy in for dinner and then agreed something live with probably going to happen anyway on the book than our agreement by the way they had chinese chinese food very instant jammeh thank you very much.

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