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Or via Nieve. Our social media, we publish every show to Google plus Facebook and become it there, and we're reading on the show. We'll send you a copy music. Oh, by and definitely follow us on Twitter. I'm at Carl Franklin. He's at rich Campbell, Senator tweet. We drag him to the trash. I'm sorry, the recycle bin. Did I say the trash gods. Trash the last time you like emptied your recycle bin. It happens every when I drag something over there were says, I can't even fit. This is going to lead it Bocquet. I mean, you know the the disa- so big. I've never. It's been a long time since I've had to clean up my disc my system this I went to record a Hansel minutia for the first time in a year, and he blew screened his machine as we were setting up at. So of course derailed the entire conversation, but he was forced to check disk. It is boot drives to flip and gig terabytes. So please by, was he recording with his machine or did he have a separate quarter because that would have been gold. He was recording with his machine so that we still ended up streaming a bunch of it up to YouTube. So there was it was pretty funny. That's good. Yeah. We also discovered that with Google hangout even if the guy who set it up goes down like he did you stay on. So I didn't know I, we still streaming over YouTube, but I was laughing at myself abet that guy blue screen of JD blue screen. And then I get a bedroom screen called it. Funny stuff happened, right. Let's let's bring 'em o- on here. Imola n- worth is been on the show before he's working as a program manager and Microsoft on the dot net platform. And this includes the base class libraries, the portability mechanisms and open source. Welcome back him. Oh, thanks again. Yeah, thanks for being here again. It's windows compatibility pack. Is your latest thing? Yeah, that's right. We should almost I think, six months ago now. So the idea is that with in court to find Oley edited much more API core to make it easier for people to pour this thing -cations corps. Yeah. And of course, the time reasonably buzzed on that quote was we wanted to have across from story, right? But then you can't ride your web sites in a spin it and have them run Docker container, running on the Knicks or something. Right. And but or existing customers are, you know, starting on Xtra which was when those only so good chunk of the codes in using technologies. And so we thought about Hobie approach this with using people more access to win us on the was fooling meaning as much platform as possibly can. And so what we ended up doing was to say, well, what if you give you a new package that is essentially wrapping up all the window API's behalf and provide them, and then nice cost on fishing. I, if you can just reference the package and then you get. Access to about thirty four new packages. I think that provide come only all news some crop olives, and so he just dropped this one thing in then you get an additional. I think twenty one twenty two thousand eight or something like that. Numb, and that includes all your friends. Like even those Bennett log some of the WCS server, a bunch of other stuff that people used to use. I wonder if the things that are windows e that are absolutely having having to run on windows, like, you know, the enterprise manager stuff. Does that, do you have like mocks where things won't work cross platform just at least so that you have the interfaces, Joe? Yeah. So if you look at the old about post and trying to explain what over Lockerbie there is. So there's some stuff like the windows registry, for example, where I'm working, really isn't an option. I mean, I think mono did this at some point where they said, well, we can just implement the registry API's over Hinai files on the. Yeah. That sort of when people use the registry, glorified. You know, storage, right? But many people use the registry to find out information about the operating today. Go j. them the windows version or something, and you kind of make those of close by phone with some gymnastics and my so registry if you provided windows only. And so it was only really mean we haven't implementation for cross less level, but that implementation throws support the exception. Okay..

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