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A piece last week no two cavanaugh cavanaugh is rove's guy and rove is a bush guy and the bushes lows trump cavanaugh is a setup okay take it in let it go in one air coming out was featured a picture of karl rove with his arm around the shoulders of bread cavanaugh showing them as big good buddies now the rip on cavanaugh is that he supposedly thought that a mandate such as the one that obamacare requiring people to buy a product i e insurance was perfectly constitutional another rap on cavanaugh is that he was really the guy that gave john roberts the hell banri writing obamacare to make it constitutional and therefore d don't want anybody like this and the other hand cavenaugh is probably they say the smartest is the most experienced he's had the most time on the bench she is thoroughly full blooded lee conservative and all of this and you get to catholic well he's been on the bench last and therefore there's less written opinion less of a target smaller target dead center great catholic life then they get the amy coney barrett she's a problem said the influence email she's a problem she's a member of this catholic sect and that's why dianne feinstein called her thick with the dogma he's a member of this catholic sect that says women are subservient that men run the family and men run the houses and men run the rescues of kids in caves and it that won't fly today and then she got seven kids and she's prolife it's impossible to confirm yeah you get inundated with this stuff i'm telling you any one of these four or five names and i would be immensely have you don't case a cavanaugh and and robertson obamacare when a judge has to decide a case and a judge follows the law in a specific as let me let me i'm going to make something up just to give you an example let's say there is a case of an employee versus his employer and the case is heard and the judge ends up arguing for the employer based on the law well somebody can come along and say see this guy doesn't care about working people this guy doesn't care about average american he's sided with the boss he's sided with our big corporate entity over his lowly employees or maybe that was the law there's all kinds of cases the vagaries of which average americans are never going to know because they're not going to read them when the law requires a certain rendering it may conflict with a judge's chosen social preferences that's the point judges have to follow the law not implement their personal policy preferences from everything i've seen these four judges do that exactly now as for cavanaugh and the mandate and obamacare by the way there's a rap on catholic that don't don't be fooled by catholics this guy totally disagree with with trump on immigration so what if kept wage judges cases on the basis of law and there's evidence that all of these people do in their personal preferences here really well we're talking about conservative justices that's the point if they're going to them a law that's all you can ask them it's the left that substitutes their personal policy preferences their they're their social cultural preferences over the law that's not what people judges are senators posted if they follow the wall that's top of the bill for us sometimes in following the law rulings are going to appear that conflict with what they believe some people are going to be ended up being unhappy but that's just because the evolution of what people think the court is the court is the final authority the court is where we go to settle the great arguments of who's right and who's wrong and all these cultural issues now shouldn't be the courts where you go to get the final answer on the law of something a case that's there but we know the liberal justices they voted block and they vote liberal socialism as a block regardless what the law is nine out of ten times.

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