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So let's see if he can play a twelve year old. Great question. Thank you, any others. Oh, yeah. Hi, I was wondering what you thought about feminist icon raccoon who attacks buddy. Call good call. First of all how many nipples does raccoon have. Eight ten twelve. I don't know. What is just one does? Does any we'll have one. I think it's always always. Yeah. It's always sets. They come in sets. Well, your question. What do I think of him? I think that indeed found as maybe even queer eye con, I think that the raccoon is certainly an ally. And also buddy who's not good at, you know, listening per se to what people are trying to communicate to him raccoon is like being explicitly clear. And so we know moment one, but he's not going to take cues in this world. And I know in two thousand three we were all there. Go at me on this journey two thousand three were like, oh, my God the recommended being so rude to welfare the raccoon honor period. Yeah. Like what is wrong with? I know a lot about raccoons. But I don't know if they straight. Do not now they do. But it's like, it's not like human. It's like, you don't see it Joe that sounds better. But then in twenty eight teen we're like, actually, whereas the film franchise for the raccoon because she really has a story we didn't explore so her and her I think she should be in a movie with Amy sedaris and Amy sedaris will be like boy, I've never declawed raccoon before. And you know, and the raccoons the raccoon teachers are that like decline is like actually, and you shouldn't do it because it hurts and my cat lady. So I know this. But yeah, I do also live records, I'm always supportive raccoons and almost everything there. One of my favorite animals. I really love them. I have a raccoon puppet at home it pops out of a little garbage can so I'm almost always on team raccoon. I'm almost always on on team records, so puppet I didn't see coming. Look, I was that was that. I was at a convention. I was working and I saw I was like, oh, it's a little stuffed animal. Okay. It's a puppet. All right. Well, I'll leave it half there. So people don't think that I'm like a puppet person. Although I actually learn how to do Patry NYU. But that's a whole other story. Use weird place guys. Person. We know Jay. Any other questions or comments or anything like that? Oh, yeah. This is a long time ago. You're talking about baby it's cold outside in about. How those lyrics aren't great. And there's actually a musician named Lydia lies who has released. A modernized version of the song like updated lyrics. She did it like a few years ago, it's on Spotify. And also, you can all the money that goes from that goes to survivors in a couple of Asians as well. And it's like a really funny you take on this song. I guess if you like babies go outside sort of. But you don't want to listen to the lyrics. That's that's a good alternative. Thank you so much out. Not to challenge queer eye conra- Coon because I totally agree. But like what about clear icon awkward claymation, Mr. Norway? Fully excellent point. Clearly, we were not as throws. We should have been in this episode Fisher all the claim ation are they're all clear. We're I don't know. Maybe that was just my reading of it. But. Pay Nomo square coded. Yes. Yes. I thought they were all clear co. Yeah. From the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer animated movie. Right. Yeah. But I I agree with NAR wall. I would also argue that penguin. What's the story there? You know, maybe that's buddies next book is. I mean there are a lot of gay penguins. So yes, yes. Are. His no one else read this quick bait because it's true. All right. Well, hey, does this movie pass the Bechtel test? No. Unless you count me sit areas talking to another woman on the phone. I would say because we don't hear the other women talking then. Yeah. Because she is named her name is Connie, and they are talking about decline cats, which talk about a Bechtel test passing scene..

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