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Admissions done all the friendly neighborhood spider people because they feel so integrated into the story. Yeah whereas with peter asked me by the science the science warrants. Well again it goes back to knocked trying to miles mood but i love the fact that we started with this week. Because i want to get the good in this episode two but like you said this is really the friendly neighborhood spider man like the the other game so great right but it feels like a larger. It's wide-screen spider. Right is authority bryant. Big scale spiderman is fucking your business. You're you're literally building miles up as the neighborhood spiderman and you're hearing people go. Yeah you're my like that. I'm tall you man this. Yeah yeah we're gonna it's gonna be get it going to be good. And how long before. Student susan stages a takeover star award podcast. The marine laurean dip their toes in the water last year. But we're dumping all the way in the season. I couldn't be happier and we're only halfway in so you can see it. See about to go all the way loved. Every time i hear folks talk about how disney ruined franchised while they ignore the rest of the universe. I just react palpitation and realized they needed a lesson. Okay so. I have a confession to make on the podcasts. Yes i've been promising spike association for a while. It's partly because. I was trying to tease her with it because she really wants to do this partly because i suspected what happened on friday was gonna yes and i didn't wanna waste that podcast without her. So we recording today she. They've been to times in our eight years relationship. Three years marriage. That i've watched my wife tear up at comic book or genre type thing the i wonder woman i. The second was those white lights. firing up on the field making a subway tunnel a goddamn horror movie villain. She cheered. she cheered chris..

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