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Davis gave it a little bit of scouting report on Alexander. The new forty linebacker. A gentleman is gonna join us as the ESPN box. Reporter Steven Jones Yar. What is the latest on the newest? Well, what's going to be the newest forty nine? They can't sign till Wednesday there in the heavy petting period. Which is one of the dumbest things in sports. Sign done is let them sign with. And you think about it? Do I have remorse periods. And then go back on it. You should sign, but we'll get the latest. He tore his ACL last year. Miss ten games when played in six games. But before that was a highly productive linebacker about six one to twenty seven a four four four five five at the combine. So it undersize speedy guy can miss them tackles due to his aggressiveness apparently. And apparently, I character guy who had a bit of a tough upbringing. So we'll get the latest on the soon to be latest of forty nine or kwan- Alexander who was a fourth round pick at LSU in two thousand fifteen and again coming off a twenty ACL last year in which he missed ten games. So she'll give us the insight into Quantel Alexander. If you want to get into that eight away candy are forty Niners excuse me, the raiders going get Antonio Brown. Given extra thirty million bucks. And they signed former forty Niner Trent Brown and played left tackle for the patriots last year. And did a nice job protecting the blind side of Tom Brady. He gets about sixty six million is what they call it. But again thirty. Six million guaranteed. It's now baseball basketball is the guarantee. So when these guys on all these networks say these dollars, it's not entirely accurate. It's not like these other sports because you've got to see when the money is do how much is up front like last year. I think Jimmy Garoppolo like forty one million dollars moving forward for the first year moving forward. It's a it's a totally reasonable contract. You gotta know when it is. I would imagine that in the forty Niners case, they'll probably front-load contracts because they have a lot of cash a lot of money right now under the cap in the raiders situation, they make backload contracts because they're going to get more money once they moved to Las Vegas. I don't know that for a fact, but my point is is that you have to kind of look at the way a contract and the NFL is situated, and it's only the guaranteed money. You can say you guys signing a four three hundred million dollar contract and matter it's just a guaranteed money. So it gets kind of misreported sometimes. So it's too something to keep in mind. As far as contracts are concerned biggest signings today, we just talked about the two I just wrote a bunch down to Sean Jackson gets traded back to Philadelphia. Frank gore goes to buffalo. Landon Collins who a lot of people talked about got forty five guaranteed for the Redskins, Trey flowers goes to Detroit. He gets a bunch of money amendola goes do Detroit as well. Dante Fowler guide that the may we're talking about within forty Niners goes back to the Rams a year and fourteen million Terrell. Suggs, just went from Baltimore to Arizona. The those are the biggest names, Nick foles. Who went to the chief? The badger. You went to the chiefs. That's a good signing. Nick foles gets guaranteed. Fifty million to go to Jacksonville is far as names being bandied about I still think Levy on bells gonna end up a jet. I tend to think that the raiders in Niners being used for leverage because they don't want to bid against themselves. But it could be wrong Bradley, Roby's a guy that's being mentioned both at the raiders in the Niners. The former corner from Denver. He's more of a slot guy though because the Niners liked the bigger corners. I don't know if he would be an outside corner with them who knows. But anyway, destroying up to the guys names we've heard and some of the signings so far in the first day, they go. Yeah. It just I mean, I it's so crazy. And that that's part of the thing. I hate about free agency in the draft because there's so many guys, you don't know me. No one. the. Can't tell you. How many tweets I scrolled by today about quantum Alexander? Terrible. Use of of of cap space bits the most tackles in the last three years coming up ACL. Now, the last two were facts the first one subjective. But again, the most tackles doesn't tell you the whole story like how many how many did he did he make what percentage that he missed is it a high percentage or is it had low percentage or is it a medium percentage. I don't know. But that's all I read about the signing. I'm pretty much everyone hated it seemed to be a forty Niner fan. Pino money because they didn't know who he was. They don't know who he is. That's why they hate it go and all they do is. They regurgitate information from people they know about all the miss tackles. And then they throw it out there. Like oh. Well, this sucks. Look at all the tackles, the star could they be paying them that much money. And you're right. It's twenty seven million dollars. What it is. It's not fifty four twenty seven million dollars. So who cares that your money anyway? But I do understand is a fan if your team spins poorly, then that eats up cap space. You can't use for other players. So I I get that. But you don't even know this guy seriously. The guy could knock on. You don't your door, and you go. Yeah. Dornoch the food here you'd you'd know this duty is. You're lying, you're liar. If you say he watched Tampa Bay buccaneer. Gabes who watch Tampa Bay buccaneer games? Three people people that bet on him or against him people that have fantasy football players on him or against him. And if your favorite team played them. Who here's a bucks fan? I mean, there's a handful of the bay area. But most of the people that are commenting on this don't know this dude, they just oh, I already missed all bunch of tackles and look at all the money they paid him. That's stocks. Niners suck. What are you doing Niners your idiots? How'd you give this guy that much money? Do you know who is not really? But he sucks. Exactly. I know he sucks is as NATO and SEO. So it just who knows this student might fit like a glove fit perfectly here. I don't know, you don't know stop regurgitating regurgitating everybody on Twitter, the active, quote, unquote experts. And again, those aren't even opinions. They're just like we missed all which tackles. But again, they don't have any made either. I just it drives me nuts and then the draft drafts. Even worse. The draft is like that on steroids because everyone thinks they know everybody because they saw on TV or I saw a couple of Saturday's guy stinks. Can you pick that guy? That guy's terrible. It just does. Let it play out as long as he's healthy. He can play his rookie year. He missed four games. Second year. He played in all sixteen third year. He missed four games in last year is ten games. The only year he played in all sixteen games for Tampa Bay. He led the NFL in solo tackles with one hundred eight in one hundred and forty five total tackles, so he can play a hundred and eight solo tackles the only year he's played all sixteen. Play if he plays if he plays a black makes sense makes sense makes perfect sense to me, gentlemen. Legit, gentlemen. Covers the buccaneers for ESPN. She's gonna tell us all about quantum Alexander. He can play he is fast. And apparently, he's a good character. Guys. We'll find out about him next here on the sports center. Tolbert.

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