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Do you go to another kind of experience. The weird thing is prior to these trips. Ray We were in Hawaii and in that day. It's a lot who and in the ocean was very rough remember scuba diving and then right as we jump right into the ocean shore dive and far distance. I saw sharp sharp and that and that was just one shark enough reach. Yeah Yeah really me. And then the sea was -ocial rewrote current was released on a strong. But that's scare me but this one you surrounded by how many there was like two dozen at least twenty four the thirty sharks around us at the surface underneath us. The limits with the crazies laughter. Crazy laugh and then just the whole like laughing and just having a blind UKULELE and seeing no. It's just worries. Look if you go to board do the feeding tour I hope. They said that they work specifically with the Limerick. But it's the T. e. take tours so so if you can find them you know in a brochure the property that you staying or at least you can inquire about it concert. These guys know what they're doing wing and we also did a picnic remote island. We'll get to that in Australia. But then prior to that we did another one in the shark highly highly highly. Recommend this. Do yourself a favor and just go on tour even if you don't or or I should say even if you're not comfortable jumping into water with thirty sharks also which are fairly large animals. They don't look at you as food there. There does boats coming around. They're used to being fed like this. Just that encounter just to see either like that was incredible We thought wow. How do you top this well? They did and then we got into it gets even more my Lord of number of sharks close again. Yes so shallow. That after we did this this this shark feeding with the. Oh the nurse or the lemon sharks. I should say we get back on the boat in please. If you're going to do these tours bring thing at least a towel with you. They don't have towels on the boat. A little cool as you're going from place to place so the next part that we did was we got into the lagoon itself and then we got to this really sandy area lagoon real sharing colony area and dropped anchor in hop out in its stingray city there tons of stingrays and they know no. They aren't getting fed. They would just come and chase you and you quit. You get squared. They'll give you a squid and you hold your hand on the sting recommend just suck it right. They like flap all my all my sons back and and even our daughter was getting getting into it as well. Crazy with full them up. He'd give him kisses and he'd let you pet him and stuff like that and he's smiling and having a talking about sharks initially initially. That was a lot of a tip. Holy crap black tip selective rework because they know again there's food there so they come in and get some day. Do get get very close to you. Everywhere they go between your legs almost like your but then our daughter right. She just is held onto one of us but then her legs hanging out. No no fear at all and we're in maybe about four feet of water four and a half feet of water. It's not a yeah. Wow there are a lot of show you can see the Finns J.. One hundred okay. I guess we're in a shark town or something something. Oh my God mazing then then you kinda get used to everybody going to start to take picture okay. And as soon as the race come up off off the bottom. You're you're looking at the raise you don't even paying attention so every now and then I'd look tired of side Scan my head in the water with my mask on their shirts like two feet away but was incredible incredible and then we got back on the boat in to your point after all all this we did a another snorkel tour to this coral reef it was gorgeous gorgeous heels in all sorts of cool things Oh and we didn't we also spot in Monterey the Monterey it was a man and just jump right in day let us just jumper okay for those of you who wants to get close okay. John Jumping followed. Yeah that was wanted I would say about fifty sixty feet of water and we follow the mandatory for a little while absolutely so so we did that the whole day just in the water having fun singing in Lavenham. It's just incredible so then after all the fun we go to this island island to your point or this this part of the outer area by then you a super hungry yeah and we pull up and walk onto it's a shore and there's lunch ready for us and the lunch was eating lucious. It was Fishing in some kind of meat and vegetables vegetables and Rice Rooney Salad kind of thing and bread and juice and after all swimming in exercise. Yeah it was her barring alkyl. That was okay. I don't remember happy. Yeah so we we eat lunch and we're kind of hanging out at the beach and then the last part of the show crazy see in other shows how to open up coconuts. How does shuck off the outer skin? What to look for on the actual coconut itself to be able to crack it and then you can do? I got done before. Didn't know I know but all of us the entire family we all get to open up our own coconut crack crack it open and drink the coconut juice in shuck off. Some of the off amazing. What an experience? Yeah just the from the beginning until the the end. Just the nonstop fun just and these people make it right off so just a highly Kamanda. You cannot miss this for that reason. Yes and I want to go back dilemma. Because other properties may not work with them yeah. True true in this tour was incredible. One of the best. We've done just because pop us on. And his two boys they were just so just so much fun just so he got accommodating comedy friendliest Oh it was so good at having fun and make everybody's lives like so happy then put smiles miles on. Everyone's face at first. You see these guys in their old dudes. They're they're like they're not like crazy. was that big was it. It was a you know another thing crazy likes to wear like a you know the sumo wrestler. Where's this thin string of diaper looking looking? You can say swimsuit. And that was his swimming says and it was Purple Shiny Satin Purple. It fit him to a t he was. The whole thing was just awesome. That was really cool. Awesome so if you're going to do any tours highly highly highly recommend that we did another another tour where we did a a tour of the main island of Bora Bora we jeep for four by four tour fun and that was really cool. You got a good view of I'm good view of the volcano Actually Bora Bora Interestingly enough in World War Two was the site that at the United States had chosen as a military supply base for the South Pacific And so they were supplying it up with cannons and all sorts of stuff man with those cannons are still there yet to see them. There were eight seven inch or forty four caliber guns that were operated by. I I guess they call it the Thirteenth Coast Artillery Regiment. Two hundred seventy six coast artillery battalion Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Some of those guns are still there and they will take you on the tour up there and you can take a look at them and see you know what the gun towards look like in the storage facilities and stuff like that. So that's Kinda cool. There's a restaurant. I was cheeseburger in paradise and that she's bringing paradise. What was the name of that restaurant? We went to members of sand restaurants and it was the the Gosh it in Bora Bora the captain. Something not the Margarita. Ville Kinda like something like that. That's a Mustang. But we can't even remember the name of it was just. It should have warned me. I would have But that was. We got that as part of the tour as well. We saw butter the full by fall. Well afterwards we walked down there when we got up we had an option in that just happened to be close by. Yeah that's after. The tour was over. We walked down that way. Yeah Okay I'M GONNA look it up while you talk so the four by four picks you up you take a boat ride from your hotel to the main pier on the main island they pick upright there and in driving around the island and the island is not very big so Did the entire tour in about two and a half three hours bring water her. Bring a hat and some sunscreen is as well. 'cause a lot of what you're doing is walking outside and it's you know it's it's tropical. It's hot it's sunny calm. It is and it's. It's actually an interesting islanders. There's not a lot of agriculture on the island primarily. It's I think coconut in it's still pretty you know mountainous so there's not a lot of flat area to be able to cultivate a lot of Crops and stuff like that little villages here and there that pop up You see the I hotel was called the the Bora Bora something or another hotel. We saw here. Yes yes oh by the way this restaurant is go. Bloody Eddie Mair bloody. Mary sits in you. And it's it's got the Sand Beach San and you can just be defeat executives sand floor restaurant. It's it's covered. So you're you're out of the sun that sort of thing but yeah you can walk right in with your bare feet. Walk up to his table. Barstool and food was pretty good. You know it wasn't it was bar. Food was good Missouri restaurant fine takings. There's not a lot of options. I think because everything has to be imported in just like with more More as a little bit more agriculture to it. Because I think it's a big island but Tahiti itself a a Lotta Laura Laura. I'm sorry boy Yup not a lot of Area for cultivating things but nonetheless. The the island tour of the four by four tour was good. It's a half day tour. uh-huh gives you really good understanding of kind of where the touristy areas are how tourism came to be the history of World War Two in that area area in great vantage points around you can see some of the islands in the distance gorgeous view beautiful views of the lagoon. Everything just absolutely spectacular. Yes and and They take you to ocean fron. I forget what the significance of that particular area remember. We got off we go. We dip toes in the ocean. Yeah that was the first. The First Hotel Bora Bora was. So that's that was the only sandy area on the main island. Which is why they put the hotel there? Okay yeah so that's that's also fun. Yeah Scuba diving is another amazing no matter what hotel from way highly recommended indeed and I mean obviously bore is all about the water so if you like the ocean you like you know kind of coral reefs and that sort of thing snorkeling Galore tons of great snorkel spots but scuba diving was really really cool. First and foremost we did a two tank dive. The the first tank took US outside the the the lagoon into the ocean where we were near kind of where the the lemon sharks were cruising around in some coral. They're golly healthy coral is gorgeous. Rate Formations is absolutely crystal clear waters. Warm I was really impressed. That was really warm. I know we did have a you had a wet suit I did not. I just had. It was really nice then. The next dive took us to a deep part of the of the lagoon itself. Self Manta rays swimming up above a whole a whole hands and stay down there quietly and look up that giant answering above us. Oh ause incredible and again healthy healthy coral fantastic give you a scuba diver. You have to have to go do that. It's well worth Thad inexperience. And if you stay Meridian and you have little ones until to your point earlier area. The babysitting services on site freedoms freedoms often do some other things and it was so convenient in so worth it yes and so just a point of reference eighteen eighteen thousand five hundred X. PF per person for two tank dive at that time. That was several years ago. Couple of years ago. Yes I'm but Yeah Dive Easy Bora Bora Taoists the name. And it's located right there on the lump l'amour in Providence. Yep purser the The currency there is X.. PF and yet so that was about Yeah eighteen thousand five hundred for two tank and then you can do just the John One thing. Yeah and the. There's boats right there we'll take you were. Were you need to go. It's it's really really convenient from there. Yes yes I'm just GonNa do a quick math. Do some quick as exchange rate is one hundred and seventy three dollars per person. So it's not too bad for two tank take your yeah so and then this Full Day tour with picnic was about fourteen thousand. FTF Oh that was so worth it. That was really cool. Hundred and thirty one dollars. Parson not too bad at all too bad now that includes includes.

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