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We are the luckiest broadcasters on the plane, and I'll tell you Franken, you know, this evening. Now you guys have been doing. Good morning. Albert listen. I'm telling you. They came on. They came out, you have to be hit to understand the concept of the show, Saturday night. You have to be hip and get it. Because when we say, look, Charlie club is going to be legal, Charlie, Charlie range. Those he does music he worked with Frank Sinatra Frank and then he's going to put together an orchestra and then you're gonna watch it and I'll bring up at the best of Broadway to seat for you. Joe's gonna MC. It's a great concept, beautiful of non would get because this is what Peter does over at this feed. It does a great job over there. And then Jerry LA Guardia, semester, promoter, and a great guy. And when probably the best dressed guy, the business with all jewelry and everything. Unbelievable. So we go you have to be hip to get the concept of people got it. And they came in, we just had a glorious night, and it was great. And it was it was all radio listeners that were there. It was all radio listeners it was. A Saturday night, and it was nice outside, and we had a meet and greet before he and I went out took pictures shook hands and met everybody. So with great great respect to we. We are very, very fortunate and I don't know how we got here. Frankie five boroughs, but here we on man. So absolutely. Well, great. I mean it seems like everybody who was there really, really got a lot of enjoyment out of. And I'm so sorry. I wasn't able to be there yet. We know Jerry kept saying take Frankie, Frankie young Frank and we're going to go out. We're going gonna go on sure. Do free meals at one thing. Absolutely you set up, so they couldn't respond quickly enough, thank he's big on the premium apps. Andrew. They, they love Frankie five boroughs and Alya too weak to. Yeah. Good weekend verbally berated by my mother on Saturday. So that was always fun, so enjoyable, all of them, where did you go with how many hours? About forty minutes back down to my aunt's house, and then forty minutes back. So most of the time I would have been yelled at by my mother. So that's that's, that's not so bad. But it is because my, my wife and son are in the back seat. And my mother is complaining the entire time about stuff by my driving too fast break, this, she wants me to stop the car like fifteen car lengths away from the corn, front of me. And she doesn't understand, like I've been doing this for a while. I'm you know, I'm all right with driving, and she's like, well, I'll drive and I said, no, I don't want you to drive because you drive the left angle. I can't you know, I'm not. What do you use a Jack stuck up for you guest on the way back? She just kept going on and on and on. And finally, we were like two minutes from her houses at Dunkin Donut. She wants coffee, so my car, I'll stop and get coffee. But I'm at my wit's end. At this point. Finally, I'm just like enough already. I get out of the car, mole, discuss. You are a black. I'm done right. And she wants to pay for the coffee whatever and I'm like, no out of the car, and I walk into the Dunkin donuts and my son, apparently stuck up for me while I was in the Dunkin donuts saying what a great father. I am in how you know, I do. All these things in baba abundant that whatever. And of course, my mother called later on to apologize to me, like I'm sorry for yelling at you. I go. But why do you do it in the first place? If you're only going to apologize to me later like enough already. Oh shit. You're, you're going on about my, this is this is the thing. The entire ride down. He's going on. And on about my brother-in-law about how she wants him to die. She wants him to hang from the Verizon. Oh, he choke him. So should this now this is a woman who goes to church every week praying to God? God is this, but you're advocating as us now. You call yourself this wonderful Catholic yet, you want your son in law to drop dead in front of you, and you want to be the one to do it. And she has this like maniacal laugh is I'm saying this what I'm looking at it like, and you call yourself a Catholic. I said, I think I'm more Catholic than you don't even go to charge. Oh my God. You know, forty minutes isn't too bad. But I guess my mother forty minutes. It's like eight hours, come on. You would have pulled the car over. You're all right. How can I get? I get the I don't think I am telling you what I come. When I come home and run crazy and we're all over and you're meeting. Everybody is great. But then when I get home, it's me notice van I don't think I don't think I have to tell you. We'll talk about won't get into a Nabet personally. You know, people want relationships you need someone in your life Joe, and they want to be in my life, and the Ruggeri lovely wanted to give me. Oh man. But I like I had to me and I got home. I got home. Now mind, you I did not really imbibe at all at my aunt's house, one like sell hard, sell whatever called Frank for some booze because I didn't want to hear my mother like at one point. My cousin's husband is like you want a cigar. My mother's like you're not gonna smoke. That all you I go. I guess, not because you I don't want to annoy everyone, so I get home and my wife goes, what are you gonna do? I said, I'm drinking. I need a drink. Down a couple of them my by Lord. Hey, well, that's a Albert so weak Frankie you had a good weekend. Right, hanging just but not much because you always you work in Sunday. So, yeah, I was here yesterday. And then you much yesterday afternoon to, you know, after going home to the show and took a nap my fiance, and I did go out today yesterday. And then Friday night I had a great dinner at, at David, David Burke, tavern, which was a lot of fun. I took my stepmother app for her birthday, and it was good to be out with Mike. It is Frankie very well. Yes. Absolutely. Have a great relationship. God bless you, man. Yeah. Me notice had a great time. You don't take someone to a restaurant that expensive in less. You hope. Hey, Joe, the radio lot to get into this morning and a great guest list that Frankie put together for a recline is coming up momentarily, the great mooch, Anthony Scaramucci will join Brent Bozell it really one of the smartest nicest guys in the media will join the see as the great media research center, that keeps a watch for us on biased media, John cats TD's on the show as well. I mean come on, it doesn't get better than that. And my pal. Adam green, so nine it'll be on a like nine thirtyish ADEMA beyond. And he's the co founder of the progressive change campaign committee, and diehard liberal Democrat. But you know what I wanna put aside the divide and we could all talk it out together on the radio, right? Eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine ninety nine if you want to call us on her balance of nature..

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