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Breakthrough here I've Seen Jonathan frakes the dad and action so very nerd on. What's up? Everyone welcome to on the podcast. You didn't need but deserve where all levels of nerd are welcome whether you came from the city or the forest. Whether you're lost in the woods or waiting for the bus the spirit will reveal himself when he wants to. Today we discussed the iconic character the decorates all of Jimmy Studios with my neighbour. Totoro get sick with the copyright so fast. We're not alice unless you're saying I'm killing it. Harder awesome sound like Leah's along all day I can't do the thing but Thank you just ready. One two three deleted. Everything can impose thank you. Yeah we're talking Totoro and we got some surprises in this episode but first and foremost introduced the host Ceylan. Oh yeah the hosts. I'm one of them. I'm Ceylan Him. Tom And I'm going to.

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