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Generation came out it was very excited four I enjoyed it but let's face it that first season for the most part garbage Michael Blondes very very poor writing some of the cheesiest special you had ever seen in the mirror decent stuff but they didn't have a lot of money mean to be fair with them they did not have a lot of money they couldn't even afford to build a shuttle craft set until the the seasons so they were on a shoestring budget so you gotta hand it to him but unfortunately it shifts some of those episodes were ripped effect but the actors were good pulled off their parts so will you know I don't think that we're in a place in TV land these days as we're unfortunately you can give a short chance you gotta you gotTa give us the full monty right up front or very few times network stick with the show a lot easier to do on cable so we watched after the sharks game after we got home and I put the needs to get to bed my brother-in-law that we watched the second episode of V and I gotTa tell you I enjoyed it a lot more than I enjoyed the first one I still think it was not that great of an episode don't get me wrong I hear the second episode two and a half cents a wings it was you know very very opposite of the first episode the first episode will Washington Watt pointing plot point action you know just nothing but money shots right well that is exactly the opposite in the second the second is all about the story and very so very very slow now breath I like the plot not just the but you know I'm a plot I liked the writing so combined some decent plot with some decent action and I'm told by a few of the reviewers that I've read out there assist third episode coming up next week should combine both of those we'll see I mean the jury's still out on this I really trying hard wipe it so far so check back in with you and give you my thoughts on the In another few until then check out my review on where Chris flies dot com my main topic for discussion this week is zero tolerance policies I'll throw it right out there I can't stand him I think they're no good I think that I have no tolerance I have zero tolerance for zero tolerance policies I do not think that they are worth what they're doing to our youth now the fact that I don't like zero tolerance policies does not mean that I am an advocate violence of drugs of weapons or anything of the like what happens here is zero tolerance policies tie our hands they tie the hands of administrations and who'll systems and have to give up blanket punishments that are serving no purpose whatsoever I can give a couple of great examples in just the last couple of months this is this is why by brought this topic up today a seventy a year old in upstate New York name is Matthew Whelan he's a senior at Lancing Berg senior high school he also happens to be in eagle scout and he's hoping to go to West Point and he's taken army basic training from all reports I don't know the kid I'm not up there right I don't know the neighborhood or the families but for everything that I have read this is an upstanding member of the community and he was suspended did for fifteen days or I think it might even been twenty days twenty days totally got a five day suspension than additional fifteen day suspension why he had a knife at school okay that sentence sounds very shocking and we need to look into that further what happened well this eagle scout this boy who wants to be in the army has set up his car as survival vehicle he has a sleeping bag in there and Maris he has first aid kit and part of his survival kit is a knife no this is not some giant Boeing knife or locked blade fixed blade thing that you'd see Rambo with he had a two inch knife I mean this is an Itty bitty thing could have caused damage of course can use it as a weapon of course but it was tucked away in his emergency kit in his locked car which did not have access to a student apparently reported him for having a knife and the school officials wisely pull them aside do you have a knife on me no do I knife an eagle scout I wanna be in the Army I have one in my car yes he took them out to his car and they suspended him for five days for having madness live with now I have a knife in my first aid kit is well every car should have some sort of knife in their first aid kit every first aid kit should have knife no not some giant thing but you know a little knife you never know what you might need to cut rope bandaids whatever and he gets spended for five days and ED is hearing he gets tacked on an additional fifteen days because why they have zero tolerance for weapons now I understand especially right in the wake of some of the most brutal just brutal events that we've had in this country Columbine being top of the list we've had some awful things happen in our nation's schools so I'm not saying that something doesn't need to be done about school violence about weapons about drugs what I'm saying zero tolerance policies need to be thrown out because there are those out there that think without a zero tolerance policy well we're just going to be weak we can't be strong without it now does a person's reputation does a record does they're standing in the community should that be taken into consideration I think so yes do does it need to be.

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