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I don't want marcus smart either i respect how hard he plays in some of the things he did for the celtics but i'm not giving him a bunch of money to come here to try to establish himself as a more dominant player favors trevor rees enes kanter will barton h avery rockets yeah you mentioned listen jabari parker at your price like you wanna do like what the cubs do buy low my thing with the bulls what they've always done poorly is they've bought high and they've sold blow if they by someone low that they could resurrect good sneaky i liked that doesn't whole you don't have to pay through the roof and hold your cap hostage well let me ask you this they have like i said they've got a very good caps situation if not this year who is potentially free agent next year is a class is supposed to be better do we know that i mean the same names at the top of the list you're still going to be there because the probably always going to be able to get out of wherever they're at even if they're where they want to be like kevin durant lebron james probably going to continue to do the same stuff that they've done the names in the future and i don't have the exact dates that three names that i would come up offhand anthony davis anthony davis when as he free went kinney opt out he signed an extension right so he's a couple years away porzingis is another name keep your eye and porzingas right then it's jaanus aren't those the guys who whenever they're opt could opt out when they become free those are the ones who are in their mid twenties who will be franchised changing players hopefully could meet your time line.

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