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The savage over there in nagoya uh holder this guy yeah i'd flight essential centra airport airport yet yes lutely yeah and the traffic lines like literally like right across the street was amazing had go there and just like stuff my face with sushi and get amazing massages visit some japanese saunas do the traffic on take the bullet train over to kyoto hanging in kyoto and then fly home is like one of the one of the funniest things i'd do every year masing your wanted us is barely got back in two weeks ago most people go to tokyo or kyodo but i i kinda like that area right now nick around nagoya on people a lot of people don't realize they have this amazing airport you can fly into it a lot of times a lot lower cost and even um tokyo her kyoto so yeah uninteresting so on the four even delve into molecular hydrogen manam i'm curious about your training protocol because not a lot of people can dead lifts over four hundred pounds and run it to 30 marathon sean i'm i'm just curious how you are able lift heavy an run as fast as you do when in endurance sport yeah they are kind of bed diametricallyopposed training on but i think that's the first thing is most people don't train that way and you can't most people if they're runners they just first off most people who run don't look any waits at all and then those that do typically lifts just varies lightweight and lots and lots of raps and conversely those people who are left in the heavyweight or something uh they don't run a lot and i i you know my goal has just been i wanna be strong i don't care about the in huge gene owed doing things for hypertrophy in have big muscles are things i just i like to wanted to be strong so i would lift heavyweights and that's the most important a way to get stronger to induce that does stimuli it for the you know the sense of central nervous system and everything to ashley lift more weight because the correlation between had purchased be in strength is not as strong as a multiple think that it is so.

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