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And they had both approached general iron or to use clemen that was in nineteen forty and in lend lease program because had authorized basic program and they had to supply planes for crab britain started out mostly as food and but then it was aircraft also and so they needed pilots defy the pines for terry the planes from the factories to the part of by deep outpatient which was up in canada the phone and then pushed across the border to canada but they needed pilots and as cpt program they had trained several thousand men pilots but they were being drafted then instead of being drafted they were going up for flight training and going into the air corps at that time it was the army erakor wasn't here me airport and so the most of the but going into into pilot training program and jacqueline cochran and nancy love both approached channel okay us women and he kept saying no and then later on in nineteen forty one when japan attacked united states they also went back to around and said they could get women to do the town we even have men for combat but he kept saying no we don't need you then so maybe we're very persistent and kept have because they knew that women could be helpful during the war as violence so the dog silly a ferry command started and that was with nancy love and they just ferried planes they run her ninety day civilian contract then jacqueline cochran heard about that and so she well right back to and said she went to pull graham started willingly betraying the same class and up with the military rank and relieve the men for combat duty it would be fine just united states and semi but will be ferrying planes but most of the other jobs like tow target navigator training and it was even going training and every anything that's air force had she wanted women to be able to do the job that was required until she got pilot training program saragan houston texas it's just a few and i think twenty eight and went to houston and she said if they could prove it that they were capable they she was sure the program would be accepted and so they did they didn't have any facilities houston and they only had a few dilapidated planes but and they were small training planes but the women kept and proves that they were capable of fine in felony military orders so then the cia after that program started every month there was a new start a program that started and so in each time the program started it was changed a little bit to extend the time and the training and then they finally got some decent better are playing celso gilman your freedom we're discussing women airforce service pilots wasp with wasp jane doyle and we're about to take a break but when we come back jane will be with us and we're going to continue this conversation so troops get the deck right now and rest the starting position for the push up is called the front rest get into the frontline rest tuition patriotic thoughts and stay there there too we come back we want you lean on me united american patriots defense us service members who are wrongfully accused of a crime in combat this includes providing resources for legal representation during investigations.

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