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The post-dispatch reports the judge said Thursday that the ordinances are unfair because they create or fix powers and duties on municipal offices in the city. The ruling follows 2017 seventeen lawsuit questioning if the treasurer's office should manage funds from parking meters and garages, or if those funds should go to the city's general revenue. Former vice president Joe Biden's coming to east Saint Louis to rally support for congressional candidate Brendan Kelly. The campaign says Biden along with the democratic candidates for governor Lieutenant governor attorney general and treasurer will be at the ironworkers hall on Wednesday doors open at two what do you know about amendment four on next month's ballot in Missouri states. Bingo industry is hurting and groups relying on revenue or hoping the admendments passage can trim some red tape. Misery law requires bingo workers to be part of the group. That's running games for two years before starting the rule makes it difficult to find workers. Particularly due to high turnover because of most members ages, the Columbia, Missouri and found the Missouri gaming commission issued two hundred twenty seven licenses this year down from four thirty five and two thousand six amendment. Four would change the limitations on bingo workers and the restrictions on advertisements of games Bradshaw. Newsradio eleven twenty km away came watch news time is four O five crime stoppers is offering a reward for anyone who can lead police to the guy who is stealing booze and seafood from sh nooks. He was last seen of the town and country store last week in Saint Charles unemploy, confronted him. He said Ivan stealing from you guys all week, the suspect a black man six feet two hundred pounds of grayish beard each time. He left a newer models. Chevy silverado. It's white no license plates in Saint Charles, a heavyset white woman was driving. You can see surveillance pictures of him at camel x dot com is at the end of the line for the river city. Rascals Fallon, Missouri. City officials informed the team this week their lease on the city. Carshield field has been terminated for being repeatedly behind on rent city spokesperson, Tom definitely not something that we wanted to do. But it was something that the city council felt like at this point that we had to do in order to move forward. We know that building is a real crown jewel for a city, and we wanna make sure that you know, we make the best use of that city. And that we protect our residents as well. Team officials are locked out of CarShield field until further notice. But rebel says they are open to discussions with team about a new lease agreement at a statement on their website about the situation. The rascals say they fully intend to play in Fallon in two thousand nineteen and beyond from the steeple Bank business desk at four zero six the mystery of the missing Saint Louis lime bikes has been solved their stack behind a couple of warehouses and the dog town neighborhood line bikes, of course, became scarce. You haven't seen much of them in recent months, the Saint Louis post dispatch found him stacked five hi some showing damage like hanging wires and missing seats lime spokesman. Eighty revolve says the company's awaiting parts that should arrive next week, and he bikes that can be repaired will be recycled the company says damage in Saint Louis, actually, no worse than another places. But the rental bikes eventually breakdown from heavy use the Dow from stifle closed down two hundred ninety six points at twenty four six eighty eight. The news is being brought to you by Jefferson Bank and trust call for their special CD an IRA rates member. FDIC traffic and weather together coming up at four ten it's now four zero seven and coming up, of course at the bottom of the hour. We'll have the latest on the arrest of a suspect in the package bombs. I'm Brian Kelly Camelot's news. They're not running for.

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