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The cardinal certainly started with a bang against the Panthers in Glendale then the wheels fell off we'll have more in yesterday's game with Paul Calvi see next you're never more than fifteen minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's do station KTAR news. call cal DC with a view from the sidelines yeah Jamie's right things did start off promising enough for the cardinals yesterday against the Panthers Hari takes the snap right. fitzgerald really was about the only receiver to to get it right much of yesterday because things started to fall apart and what's the fourth quarter it is the stuff at the fan as well so Paul Kelly sees joining us Kyler Murray was sacked eight times yeah that was really ugly well five in the final quarter and it was after the Carolina Panthers got a big lead and as they say in the NFL the guys got the pin their ears back they have to worry about the run they just got the pass rush the passer right I was talking to Justin Pugh the starting left guard after the game is that it basically becomes a one on one drill if you're an alignment meaning you have a fifty fifty chance really a BDMV of stopping your guy because you're in space against a D. linemen and yeah but there are plenty of instances were Kyler easily could have thrown the ball away and avoided the sack and then instead of taking a loss so that's a learning moment for the rookie quarterback you heard layers touch down right there here's the key to the game is the fact that Caroline was playing this deep coverage okay and and we said this to begin the game's us talking to guys they're saying you know the cardinals had the perfect offense to match Carolina's defense are going to give you a little bit so I can let you go deep but with Kyle get rid of the ball quick can you move the ball that seem to be a good fit and they did when they came out one fourteen play seventy four yards Carter plays a very methodical style defense data not only to get over the top to keep everything in front of you they're gonna that basically it's in tennis I keep returning to you and you may make you you have a unforced error yeah when the cardinal start mess you know that's what that's where their demise what it was I wrong yesterday did I hear the boo birds coming out a good solution..

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