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Broadcasters, midseason. They got rid of Darren Sutton, who had just joined their broadcast crew in I think it was maybe June or July sort of suddenly and abruptly without much of an explanation and I think he was sort of blindsided by it and I as someone who was listening and watching you a lot of angels games was surprised by it. But I don't know that that matters to all that many people and I don't think the broadcast took a huge hit after the fact that didn't mind his commentary, but didn't mind what happened after he left ether. It was just kind of unusual. But one thing that someone pointed out is that for the second full season in a row, the angels had only one pitcher who threw a hundred innings or more. And I remember talking about this in 2019 when it happened. I didn't talk about it this year, although we did, I think, touch on that one picture, a time or two this year. He came up as I recall, but did not really mention the fact that he was the lone pitcher on that staff to throw a hundred innings. It was only Otani. Obviously, no 100 innings in 2020, but to go to full straight seasons without more than one pitcher on your staff, throwing a hundred innings in 2019, it was Trevor Cahill. And there have been only three teams in history if you exclude 2020 and 19th century teams that had shorter schedules. Only three teams in history have done this have had only one pitcher on their staff with a hundred or more innings. It's the 2019 angels, the 2021 angels and the 2012 rockies. Who I think was that the year that they had the strict initiatives limits and maybe rotation or something. Generally, it's just hard for the rockies to have the pitching and to have pitchers throw a lot of innings at least up until very recently. So Jeff Francis did it for them that year. But three teams in history, one's in course and the others are both angels in the past couple of full seasons that they've had that's not great. I'm kind of surprised that the rangers didn't make that list. Because they have just been snakebit doesn't begin to describe some of the pitching was that they have had it from an injury perspective. So if any team was going to make that list, I'm kind of surprised that Texas managed to duck it, but yeah, it's hard because pictures just get hurt all the time. Like no one should do it. We joke about this all the time. Like pitching is bad for you. The fact that anyone does it is kind of wild. And I have sympathy for the fact that you can be trying very earnestly to assemble a rotation that is going to buoy Mike Trout and Otani into the postseason and just have bad luck from underperformance or injury, but it is sort of, it's really shocking. I think that maybe instead of revenue sharing, we should allow the angels to have an exception to any of the salary tax thresholds and also they should get to do an expansion draft for pitching. Because the sport's better if we get to see trout in Otani in October. And so I think that in the interest of the collective, the other 20 19s need to band together to give them just some arms that don't fall off, really. The rangers had 6 pitchers who managed triple digit initiatives totals this year. Who news? But I think this kind of thing like obviously innings totals are getting lower across the board and you're fighting the total innings across a greater number of pitchers. So it's less strange that this happened in 2021 than in any other era of baseball history. But it's still hard to do and it's hard to win if you are doing that, which is kind of why the angels and their moves this off season you can't count on Noah cinder card to snap the streak next year, like no. Hopefully he will, but he would not be at the top of the list of like, hey, I just want to get someone I can count on to throw a hundred innings next year. It would not be no asunder cart, right? So I think that's kind of why I was thinking, hey, they should probably go get some dependable as dependable as any pitcher can actually be in this day and age. Just get someone. You can pencil in as your second hundred plus in a picture. It would be nice. You know who they could really have used, and I don't know where they were in the waiver order relative to these things. But you know who they could have really used? With Miley. Yeah, sure. You know? He's fine. It's fine. He could have been a help to them. I don't know where they were relative to Chicago in the waiver order. But yeah, it's like they need some high end innings too, right? It's not just that they need an eggs. They need some of them to be good, but they also need some of them to just exist. Like in a more comfortable way. A way that doesn't involve the triple-A team quit so much because that didn't go well. Cycling through those guys seem to be not the best. And I hope redeemers is better next year, but do we know he will be? We do not. All right, next team up is the Blue Jays and the nomination here is in one of my favorite genres of stories that maybe we miss on the podcast sometimes it's.

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