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Wins and ser to these longevity promoting genes that are found in everything from yeast to human beings folks were starting to manipulate the nasd pathway to see if they could extend the lifespan in something like a yeast cell and when i looked at the evidence basis for how an is made even something as simple as a yeast it seemed like there could be some missing steps and essentially when we knocked out the gene that i was working on we found that there was another way to make any d and that was through nicotinamide riboside so that's when we discovered an are as vitamin and the nicotinamide riva's side kinds pathway to any d back in two thousand four and so this is going back a while and this is one of those kind of unusual supplements that year outs are on the corners of the internet around longevity and given that i'm looking to live to at least one hundred eighty maybe a little bit longer or a lot longer actually i'm completely willing and able to find everything and try everything all at once to see if it works and this is definitely more things i've been aware of for a while and i've i've taken on and off over the years and i'm thinking for for people listening do you believe given that you're very well qualified understand what was going on biologically de believe that by increasing in d in our in our bodies that it we have a reasonable chance of extending our lives even a little bit let's take a step back and talk about what any actually does all your enemies and come on come on.

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