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I'm Ryan Creighton WJR, traffic and weather first on the five from the Telugu JR weather, set coal tone to the forecast from here on through the weekend and into next week. In fact, we might be talking about some of the season's first snows in the area snowstor- north west Friday and some snows here possible white this weekend early next week low tonight, thirty two degrees, mostly sunny, Thursday, forty four and the chance for some rain showers on Friday with a high of thirty nine from the Weather Channel, I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore. News talk seven sixty WJR. The Dow is up five hundred and four. Eighty five points today, the NASDAQ closed up one ninety four I'm Marie Osborne. WJR news. The next update's at six a year ago. I got multi focal lens implants from Dr yaldo. I had cataracts live long enough and you'll get them to the difference. Now is that these amazing little lenses solve the issues that have long bother you like the need for reading glasses. I'll admit jerk that I am sometimes I show off reading microscope printable with as they squint in vain to see it. It's why people fifty plus are asking Dr yaldo about multi focal lenses. Why wait you'll throw away the reading glasses along with the context in regular glasses? And with no natural lens to later form cataracts, you'll never get him. It's freedom. It's lifestyle. Some people leave the surgical center in tears overwhelmed. They'll never have vision issues again it costs nothing for free evaluation. An understanding of the variety of solutions, including multi focal lens implants that Dr yaldo offers to help you see clearly at all distances unimpeded by old technology. Just call one eight hundred three nine is one eight hundred three nine is or go to yaldoeyecenter dot com area of.

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