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Farmers in twenty eighteen is whatever savings and read my for Mr for insurance exchange affiliates part not available in every state checking the forecast partly sunny today high thirty two souls in tonight will get two to three inches before tomorrow morning maybe another inch or two before the system clears out Friday afternoon today's low twenty six tomorrow's high at thirty one right now it's partly sunny in twenty three degrees from the town hall dot com newsroom two men were injured at Detroit's east side when shots were fired at their car the victims twenty three and twenty seven years old were driving and Kelly here would be about three forty five this morning when someone opened fire with their vehicle the driver lost control and crashed into a vacant house both men were transported to the hospital the driver in critical condition Ford Motor Company profits for twenty nineteen are down a whopping ninety nine percent compared to the previous year the blame for the sharp decline lies with the auto maker's problems launching the new version of the explorer SUV a thirty eight year old hockey mom is facing embezzlement charges for allegedly stealing over thirty thousand dollars for her child's youth hockey league wide dot police chief Archie Hamilton says Ricky very took the money over a period of a few years from the Wyandotte warrior hockey association he's on bond and is due in court next week we have the traffic and weather for times an hour I'm John Bailey how the patriot half out what a one point five at eight AM fourteen hundred I'm Lou Dobbs Tessler shares surge as a electric car maker continues its big rally orders for factory good job at a new study props increase sales of American almonds those stories next Albert Einstein once said the.

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