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Ninety six point five WDBO. Orlando turns first for severe weather on channel nine eyewitness news meteorologist Brian shields. Highs today staying in the low eighties coming up. We're tracking that fall pattern ahead. Oh, it's really nice. Gene Wexler here. Enjoying this weather right now. It's seventy five degrees down in Saint Cloud. Seventy-three up in Sanford little cloudy out there. Really nice. Last week, it was conferred in the ocean of county this weekend and Volusia county, but not in the ocean red tide was found in the Indian river lagoon, which is in the Canaveral national seashore FWS's says it was founded what they call background concentration top national story from confers with the president of Turkey after the death of the US based journalist Jamal kashogi at the hands of the Saudi an Trump said he spoke with Turkish president air to one on the phone. Also, the Saudis are saying that S and kings online phoned up the family of Jamaica Shoghi to express their condolences ABC's Mollie hunter, she says the Saudis claim kashogi was not killed on the orders of the Royal family, though. Others say that's not credible and CNN reports the Saudi dressed up in the murder man's clothes. So it would look like he left the consulate President Trump campaigning for Senator Cruz today. Senator Ted Cruz in Houston, the first of four rallies that he has planned on behalf of Republicans this week two weeks before those midterms and something new we're doing on a Monday. Look ahead at your week in central Florida early. Voting begins today for orange Seminole, lake and Flagler counties. Absolutely essential. What would you do with one point six billion dollars? By Alan in the Caribbean..

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