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Testing proved that the bullet had been fired from Steven Avery's gun a gun he kept above his bed the bullet fragment matched complete bullets Avery kept in his bedroom so thorough was this smoking gun evidence that the bullet fragment was fired from no other gun in the entire world but Avery's that Avery's defense still has not contested this the bullet was fired from his gun after Brendan dasty confessed that Avery had shot to reach the whole block in the head in the garage and pointed out the exact part of her head that forensic testing of our bones proved the bullet entered investigators for the first time knew that whole Bach had been killed in Avery's garage making a murderous first season intimates that the bullet fragment with whole box DNA on it found in the garage wasn't found during repeated searches of that garage this wasn't true investigators only did a thorough search of the garage once does he told them the murder occurred there investigators used jackhammers to dig up the concrete floor of the garage and did find traces of blood but testing was unable to determine with any certainty that the blood was human they did however find that the garage had been cleaned with paint thinner and bleach bath he told investigators that he and his uncle Steven had been cleaning the garage with bleach the night Halbach disappeared and even turned into them a pair of bleach stained jeans naturally none of this is mentioned in making a murderer seventh episode Zellner instead travels to Arizona to have a ballistics expert demonstrate that Avery's twenty two caliber rifle couldn't possibly generate enough power to fire a bullet directly through a human skull as the prosecution contends what he actually said that it is indeed entirely possible and I was told it's a rare rare event because it's such a small projectile it doesn't have the energy to exit the skull but the expert I ended up with the one I think is the most knowledgeable Tony they could have well that to show that it was unlikely however Zellers expert grabs pieces of a cow is Stalin shoots them a couple of times why a cow skull because he says the finished parts are most like a human skull this is one of three fresh scapulars bovine scapulars agency by the backlighting that they're finished in here things are more comparable to human skull round six millimeters seven eight even nine are down here so these are the areas or out in here for over here we're all set up and shoot okay so he admits that the skull he uses for testing is similar to a human skull but not exactly like a human skull and that most parts of a bovine scapula are much thicker this experiment is dust completely useless as evidence because it fails to recreate even the material that the bullet traveled through seller is undeterred that when she takes the bullet that her expert shot through cow bones to a forensic expert who says that a bullet fired through bone should have bone fragments on it even after the fragment is washed during DNA testing and you can see this is before was washed.

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