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Because so appalled characterizes connie's art by committee approach to twisted fantasy before diving into the track i want to take this opportunity to detail the albums work environment creative process as he no connie fled the country after the backlash of the via maize in two thousand nine after stops in japan in rome county finally settled in hawaii rented a home and indefinitely block book all three rooms at the apex recording studio and who he kept engineers at the boards 24 hours a day on the main studios wall were a handful of connie commandments his version of studio rules which included things like no tweeting no pictures no hipster hats and just shut the fuck up some times connie invited a slew of artists and producers to hawaii to contribute to the album including ray kwan rizza push a t rick ross charlie wilson big sean side how the prince swiss beats dwell a nicki menaj t i drake common jay z john legend fergie riyana the dream ryan leslie elton john mia justin vernon seal beyond say kid kutty most death santa gold alicia keys ellie jackson tony williams q tip rizza dj premier as one mad live in pete rock connie reportedly spent over three million expenses from his record label def jam recording the album making one of the most expensive albums ever made according to complex magazines noah callahan bevere who had the opportunity to briefly stay with county in hawaii said there is a daily routine established during the twisted fantasy sessions beginning around ten am breakfast took place at connie's rented mansion prepared by his personal chefs my knee while connie's guests slept at the house county himself rarely did instead he took ninetyminute power naps throughout the night in the studio and we continue working in between these naps.

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