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Guls and i watched them and i'm like is it possible we always give these guys like good coach bad coach to me j right feels like villanova they have popped in the last five years well there's there's a couple of it's like you know the perfect storm analogy right there's a couple of things that allowed to become a perfect k what all right so the first thing is they bottomed out as a program after they went to a final four remember they went to the final four with four guards with allan ray yes mike nardi is right that a couple of pros with what's same from the toronto raptors lowery kyle lowry right so they go to a final four that allows them to start recruiting the top twenty five kids in the country the number one recruiting class in the country after the final four but those weren't villanova guys are all guys worried about going to the nba and so they wanted i think thirteen games this is going back six or seven years ago yeah they i they they go to the new big east which let's be honest it's dropping down a level in terms of the overall competition they were no league before with syracuse right yukon and its peak louisville notre dame etc now they they gave her and well it wasn't xavier was still was was moving up a level creighton was moving up a level butler was moving up almost two levels they were horizon level team but they also had providence who now they've been five straight tournaments but at the at the time yeah they were they were down about depal and saint john's kind of bottomed out so they they it helped them that they took on some beer competition but the biggest thing was i told you my brother worked under my montgomery and his thing was simplicity and execution.

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