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Yeah that's all of that is all up on amazon now. 'cause i talked to a lot of people like i don't wanna watch it. Make the commitment. And then they don't end it. And i and i get that feeling but almost human was another one thing is. I was excited for that show. Also because michael ealy you know that show. Also because the producers saying the french james lyman he fringe. And i'm like friends so just but again i don't know what it is. Michael ealy needs to get into asia roy actor but he keeps getting these really back. Elise feels like the kind of person that would be like super famous like he'd be like success. Various excessively wheels. Why yes like. I don't know why just feels like he gets the role right below the the white guy i feel like if michael was on grey's anatomy he choose. Sean do something with michael. This'll help them out. Because liz tally enemies world where you live better grow. He keeps saying i know you like will smith and keep helping him out the work on something else. Oh yes roger carter black executive fan fiction that is his role executives fantasia. Yes we called roger combat. Because they're black people you really don't know what they do. They make a whole lot of money for their relying. I'm an executive really. Don't know what. I do work with some company but i got a million dollar house and drive dry beings but you know a i got. I live in his house. I invite on my friends over. And then you kinda you know you gotta make like the genre is specific to like is very much centered around normally like romantic thrillers but can't like best man holiday yeah but normally normally normally it's like intruder fatalities Stuff like that where it's like. This person is an accountant but somehow they have a toil million dollar house. Yes i love that stuff and michael. Elliot's in all of them. Karma is been so great man..

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