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Thursday episodes now adding this great content to your podcast in on the intros of those you're saying something like and hey by the way guys this is actually being repurpose from the video the video that i created this all my youtube channels if you wanna actually see this visually use go visit my video channel over here go to youtube and type in you know joey xyz and it'll it'll get you over there so now from just a few hours of sitting down looking into a camera and recording basically answers to twenty or thirty of your perfect clients biggest problems have twenty to thirty videos you're going to be now uploading into youtube on a weekly basis maybe you're gonna do it a couple times a week depending on what schedule you want you now we're going to be taking that that audio you're gonna be uploading into your podcast episodes which is going to give you more content there you're also going to have this video editor give you a one minute clip the first one minutes of all of these youtube videos maybe the first videos four minutes long the second one's three the third ones five whatever might be the first minutes you're gonna take in you're gonna upload that whenever you're putting all your other stuff into your instagram's yeah that one minute instagram clip there every single time with below this has hey the full video can be found on my youtube channel or on my podcast if you prefer podcasting and then you can take that women video and use an apple story oh that's stu s t o r e r o and story oh just take that one minute video and it will automatically chop it up fifteen seconds places that you can just upload yourself injury scrim stories so then now you're using that video instagram stories and boom now is there and so was on that platform as well and then you're going to be taking your three to five minute video that the guy sent you the fours of as well in uploading that completely organically you're not dropping the link from youtube facebook doesn't like that be uploading that organically into facebook and that's going to be going on facebook and again you're going to space it out once a week twice we whatever your your content productions because you're being so now what's happened you sat down for like two or three hours one day you know maybe the safe four hours f you know these if you really do the math i guess you add up twenty thirty videos of three to five minutes each set down for three to four hours you create these these twenty thirty videos that are going to be your entire months worth of content and honestly could be two to three months worth of content now you have your video editor doing all of that work with them to not causing your ban with your energy you can have a virtual assistant that's doing the up lowering facebook this doing the up lowinterest grand this doing the uploading to your scream stories that's adding it to your media hose for your podcast and now all of a sudden you after down for three to four hours have a month to month three months of incredibly high quality it's going to be consistently put out because that's where a lot of people fail joe is that they create great high quality contents but then they do a once and then they stop and then a month goes by his life happens and then people forget what about them they don't hear about them again it's the people that show up every single week in even more so a couple times a week and then again if you're like me for the first two thousand days of my business every single day with daily.

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