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Well big changes in the rockies organization. Many of you saying it's a vow time old. My gosh time permitting. We'll into this piece out of the denver. Post by sean keeler. Who doesn't mince words whatsoever. Headline jeff bridges gone. As long as dick montfort remains rockies aren't going anywhere sub head bri- he one done yet walking away from this dumpster. Fire blow towards in the hand. While we see to whom mr keeler describes the blame solve some of what ails the rockies. But not all of it. Yeah as jeff. Bright h is outspending. The question of course. Typically you know you get the official formal news release from the rockies organization saying yes. It was a mutual decision. But i've got to wonder if he jumped or if he was pushed but gave a q. Out of usa today saying the jeb. Breida choose tenure with the colorado rockies was defined by his falling out with and subsequent trade of franchise player nolan aeronautical. Nobody disagrees with that right. I mean that seemed to be the tipping point. Well he's out. Now's the team's gm. This announcement came down just yesterday. Rockies announced that bride h forty three and the club quote mutually agreed. Close quote to part ways. This is less than months after delta air nado to the saint louis cardinals for a less than overwhelming some referred to it more as an underwhelming return and set along fifty million dollars to help the cardinals pay air. No salary colorado for its part. The rockies will appoint an interim general manager soon this according to a press release and will search for a permanent gm. After this season gregg feazel the club's executive vice president chief operating officer will four now oversee baseball operations. But i don't think that anyone would disagree with this assessment as it was a pretty precipitous fall for bright h and the franchise in less than just two years as you know. The club signed to air nado of five time all star with five top ten. Mvp finishes to an eight year. Two hundred and sixty million dollar extension in february of twenty nineteen with 'aeronautics telling usa today sports..

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