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Matt Ritter in Alexandria this morning. It's 72 degrees 8 11 now and four years ago, a deadly crash that took the life of a high school student and his spare parents sparked outrage in Bethesda, residents said, Please for safety improvements went ignored, will now the sought after work is underway. 2016 Whitman High School senior Thomas Damos Saito and his parents were struck and killed by a speeding driver as they tried to turn from River Road on the Braeburn Parkway. Side road that leads to the school. It was a crash the community had tried to prevent. But it took that crash for please, for safety improvements to be heard. Now, the work has begun a new signals coming to that intersection, which is also getting redesigned south of that intersection, new pedestrian crossings, including one with a signal help people walking to and from the Whitman area. John Doman w T O P News as work is finishing to widen U. S one in Woodbridge between Mary's Way, and the Occoquan River, Prince William County Officials are getting ready for the next section of widening through Woodbridge, from Mary's Way near the Prince William County Parkway to Featherstone Road near the end of Opiates Boulevard, and when it's done, the 1.3 mile project will mean US Route One drivers will have six lanes of traffic, three in each direction between Cardinal Drive and the Occoquan River. Road signs said to pick dear at popular crossings helped to give driver's fair warning. Virginia, however, is now helping animals to avoid roads entirely. Life corridors and the Commonwealth.

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