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The duration read incident, Police action shooting resulting in the death of Reed Police say the shooting was justified. The reed had fired on the soldiers. Reid family said. That's not true. That is not the case and a lot of the protests and violence we saw in Indy over the summer, Andi even there on the northwest side of town where the police action shooting happened. Ah, a lot of those protests violence had to do with this incident. Yep, fired on the officers, and they claim that the weapon that was found at the scene was that customized orange Glock that had been seen in a couple of other videos that Gration Reed had posted on social media. Before that social media page was taken down. Now, one of those video showed him driving through a residential neighborhood. Firing that weapon just outside the window. And they claimed that that customized weapon was the one found at the scene. So I'd imagine we're going to get questions about that. And a lot of other things coming up at 5 P.m.. And we will bring that to you. Here at 93. W A. B. C No, not John. Looking out the window here of our fourth story. Studio here in Emma's communications. I see one. I am PT Cruiser that has parked Ah couple people are starting to gather on the steps of the monument is just a very small group right now. Probably 78 time account. It's Yeah, eight people right now on the steps of the monument right behind it. On the other side, there's a couple more people with signs I do see. A lot of vehicles from the I m p d doing laps around the circle and through downtown on ly, one of them is parked right now on the circle. One thing to keep in mind here. The grand Juries don't determine someone's guilt. Or innocents here with these police officers and the police action shooting involving the death of Read These grand Juries just basically make a decision. Whether or not there's enough evidence to bring charges or or if there was a crime or an indictment, the special prosecutor could have done this. Another thing to keep in mind is I am PT and a local administration officials and black lives matter. I've come to terms on a number of things. Some agreements, including, you know, they talked about no knock warrants they talked about the choke holds the body cams, additional training for eye MPD camera and all civilian committee overseeing I m P D policy, which was a very huge controversial decision in Indianapolis. And plus the fact that the Marion County prosecutors kicked it to a special prosecutor to get rid of any Ah appearance or get rid of any bias whatsoever. You're right. But at the same time, the same kind of person that bust a window of a jewelry store to take a free watch doesn't really care about all that kind of stuff. The people who are actually passionate about the cause. Very rarely are the ones causing the problems in these types of situations s O. The people you see outside a monument circle right now. They've got signs some members of the media or down their interview him. I don't know if they're going to be down there at 9 10 o'clock tonight, and when the sun goes down, that's when a lot of these things start to get sideways because people who just don't give a damn about the cause come down to cause problems, right? I mean, you know, let's be clear, not just in Indianapolis but nationwide over the summer, the The riots. The violence destruction the chaos you saw in some of these cities. Were it were it was caused by opportunistic Gang members Antifa anarchists on mixed in with with aggressive liberals and progressive that like to see this kind of destruction. I am not saying by any means, right? Expressed the imagination. I'm against the protests, peaceful protests, but it's what happens very You know what happened very early on that first night of Writing in May here. I mean, we saw the timeline that was released for that. I believe Friday. You remember the timeline Hammer that came out last week that said the aggressive behavior started well early in the evening after seven oclock. And I want to see if things start to escalate tonight and I pray and pray that they don't because the business is down here on the circle. Don't need that. The people down here don't need these things to escalate, but in the event that it does. Are we going to see a little bit of a different response from the MPD auras balls Hawk set going to be the same guy that he was back in late May and early June and tells them to stand down and surrender is the city because he's too scared because he doesn't have the testicular fortitude to fight back. That's what I want to see. I hope it doesn't come to that. I really don't. I hope tonight is a peaceful protest. Yeah, well, we don't know what the grand jury decision is. No, that out as well. No, we don't. But again, it all goes back to the morons that come late. They don't care what the decision is the way that some of these folks got away with it the first time around. Why wouldn't they come back on a night like tonight where they're anticipating some action so again, coming up and just about 45 minutes or so. That press conference is supposed to begin. Now, If you know anything about press conferences, they never start on time. So even if we're at a commercial break and something happens, we will cut into commercial break and bring you the decision of the grand jury. Donald Trump Press conferences never start on time. Let's put it that way. Let's let's be honest with each other, just like you said. We'd like it. Well, you have to tell your kids with debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and how explosive those were compared to some of the other benign debates. You guys have watched. It's normally not like this kid's normally press conference to start on time, right, exactly. But whenever it starts, we're going to bring it to you. Now one business that's not in Indianapolis. That's doing incredibly well. Is the four Seasons Total Landscaping facility. No, we talked about this place in Pennsylvania the other day. This is where Rudy Giuliani held a press conference for Donald Trump without Donald Trump, Not the hotel the four seasons. This was the four Seasons total landscaping plant right next to a porn shop. So, uh, this is the best publicity that they've ever had, and they've got a new commercial out. Hey, this is Rick from the.

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