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I abstained for election what does this mean about possible succession in the democratic ranks you know finding the right people to succeed you at that right who is a conservative day moving up the land yes crowley's a very down we've never congress a great gentleman as you saw in the dignity of his concession last night he is valued member will miss him but he has extraordinary talent in the public sector again the is it the sudanese china everyone has other analysis within hours of the election taking place the dirt back into my very diverse district hundred forty thousand volts line my my high so it's the high school in california and this election even dealt with i say my district is ever ever changing becoming more so we have to and analyze how this because this is because thanks twenty four hours announcing it needs here's members will choose their leaders as they do people are elected in the caucus doubt me sending somebody out just as i was chosen just breaking ranks in other too and that's the beauty of it all republicans say one of the things distant shows is that democrat socialism is ascended in newark right now descendant in that district perhaps but but i don't accept any characterization of our.

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