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K. A radio So, Mike, you've got the laptop open. You are working the phones. This is some really, really big news just breaking within the last 10 minutes. While he's one of the top prospects in western Pennsylvania and the state, and it's continuing a good trend for Pitt Football Security, which hasn't had a lot of video players in the last few classes and They've got three top defensive lineman who are all pretty highly ranked, and during four finalists were West Virginia. I think Penn State and Michigan even Ah, it's not a surprise, but a nice get for pitting the three other that the other defensive lineman, or Elliott Donovan, Central Catholic In the Kai Johnson from West Mifflin. Those I don't remember a class. You have to go back a ways. We did some research on this that had three defensive lineman this highly rated from the people, So it's nice for pit to get them four overall. Stefan Hall now I will say this My own mind. I think during four it has a very good chance of ending up on offense in the future. That's how big ears and on the Kai Johnson Still Something's approve it. Elliot Donald is really good gets so good Get for Pitt. And we've got already five power five kids committed from the PL Aah! I take about 66. Overall, the four from pit Donna McMillan from Peter's times from going to Florida and Adam Gun from Union going to Louisville. A unique don't hear that okay? Yeah, so that's six. And we've already got 18 FBS schools in the PPL on City League. That's compared to last year when we had six. Power five and 15 FBS kids, the lowest ever. So it's gone up this year a little better, and the Big One's still waiting is Derek Davis. I think that guy from what I hear what you hear in there, I mean, that guy's a talent man. He's national dust in the country, No doubt. And we would get to face him next week. I'm not looking ahead by any means, but he's down the seven. I think Penn State and Ohio State are really up there if I had to make a pit going to be in the finalists, But if I had to make it, Ah, A wild guess without any totally inside information. I would say they're or Penn State. But don't count out. He has some liking, and I know some people in them. Some of these schools Georgia Lam Center still in his final top 72 years, unlike some other schools, I mean, the SEC is it's an animal snakes for itself really does show Erica. You know, we Mike has mentioned a lot of lineman and this was a area that has always been known for lineman. But it's also been known for its skill players and a defensive lineman. In particular, it seems like there have been a lot more of them coming out of going to the major college. Ah, level as opposed to maybe some other positions air you seeing it that way. And you have Ah, maybe an inkling as to why and he's got. He's got a few of them. Jay Z. I make no doubt. I mean, I got no Miguel Jackson is just an absolute stud, and we've had some good Over the past couple of years without a doubt and faced Elliot Donald the past couple of years, and you have recently It has been Maura that trending towards defense alignment, quarterbacks and long time ago, obviously, but it held open. I'm pumped that they're getting these recruits and obviously I'm a graduate. Some You know, a little biased, but I think I think this is what they need, regardless of the talent, Mike, Like, Like you said, a couple of might be a little unproven and where they playing at all that, but doesn't think to an extent it doesn't matter. Just getting them sets a good You know a good precedents for the top talent. They're rated high and then they're choosing to stay home and go to pitch. I like that. You gotta go. You gotta own your backyard. Let me ask you this as cove it has affected recruiting. You can't do it in person. It's all done. Virtually use a head coach of Ah, really big program in western Pennsylvania. Eric what our coaches at the college level doing to distinguish themselves to be able to win the recruiting war. If you will. It's always been highly competitive, particularly in this region with all of The schools that you have surrounding. So how does one gain an upper hand when you can't do the whole in person thing, which is so important? Yeah, they're being creative. I mean, they're doing all kinds of just different things versus and actually, I just read today. I think the dead period extended through through at the end of the year. I think December sometime but sending out a member male male kind of went away for a while because of Twitter, So they're getting these personalized letters. Trying to really get the kids. Okay, Covert. We're not holding tours, but we really want you to come out to our to our campus and see it on their own. So having kids come out and visit like that, But it's hard. You know it is and there's so many restrictions and They don't wanna, you know, invite people and some families are more outgoing than others. They want to get out and see the school. But it's tough to be a student athlete right now, like like Cole mentioned, you know, a lot of kids are banking on this year to go out and prove what they condone it, you know? House. Add to that. I talked to Donna McMillan. Oh, a week or two ago, and I actually did a column for tomorrow. He's committed the Florida Peter such a defensive back and Dan Mall in the Florida coach. His wife. Played a role in the recruiting because she's from Upper ST Claire. She's a teacher was a TV personality in Toledo, where she met him and his big and once they find out some Western principles she got involved in recruiting. What Donovan? I thought a little interesting, he told me was He found one of the biggest pains in recruiting during as it is an athlete during this time period was the demands on their time off. Coaches wanting to talk on zoom. Zoom is now a big thing with the record has to be when he was constantly getting would go on. So how about we have a zoom call with you tonight at, you know, eight o'clock, and then another school, one of nine o'clock and on DH there putting, you know it's not one guy there. There might be the whole staff, you know? Sure. Alan's wife was on zoom calls with 45 minutes. Oh, hell on the big pains. Austin Zoom has become a big thing I recruited and the schools are trying to give the full court press a We're gonna have our academic guy on. We're gonna have this big head coach the position code. So it's a two hour deal, and Mom and dad are sitting They're on the computer, just looking in the screen. And yes, it's weird, Awkward and everybody's got questions and questions and questions and things take a turn. And you get zoom fatigue, which is a real thing and, oh, by the way, Yeah, I have that paper That's due tomorrow. And I have to wake up at 5 30 because, yeah. Oh, By the way, I have a high school football game to play or whatever the case may be, so virtual tours to come. That's a new thing. You can't come and visit they're taking on virtual tours. No down virtual tour. How does one distinguish themselves? I guess who's doing it? Right, Eric? Because you see all these college is doing it in trying to get an upper hand. And I mean does it level the playing field like who Zoom could be better than another school? How do you allow a kid on with 1000 whistles, paper bag? You know, it hasn't been. It's been quiet recently. You know, maybe just make a couple of my guys have already committed, but there really hasn't been much and I think he thinks I think coaches air realized that too, though they wantto They're all about building the personal relationship with the kids. They don't want to get. The kids get upset, but they want on the side and be messaging like it's almost like they're a friend right there, building that relationship to get him to trust him and And that's ultimately how kid commits or why they commit..

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