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And yeah, it's going to be hard to to catch them are real quick quickly on wrestling for a second. I need to know this guy watch the state tournament this year, the high school Oregon state high school six a state tournament helter than I ever have before. I did not know in the Russell Bax the first periods one minute one to two has it always been that way. You know? I can't actually remember that. I know at one point it was, but I thought it went away. And when I say, it was maybe I'm saying that the wrong way. I don't think like bikes when I when you and I were in high school that it was, but I think that did come in at one point it was after and I thought it went away. But maybe it never did. But yeah. One one two two which is very fast one minute is very I mean, they start wrestling boom that periods over. Yeah. I wasn't Miller's coach coaching millionnaire looked up. There's they. Just started wrestling, and there's twenty seconds left, and I turn to harm. I hate twenty seconds short time. I even some wrong on oh, wait wrestle Bax wants to. So I'm watching the tournament right next to Kate. Miller's dead and. The way they did the tournament. I thought then I actually figured out how is wrong because remember I called you. And I said, hey, he plays. So Kate Miller goes four and one day one not a pigtailed match. He's on the medal stand. And it took me all the next day to figure out. No he needed to come back and win in the blood round Saturday morning, right? All the way to the next night. I was right. If they place eighth they went to go to a, but that's right. But do you remember what I told you on the phone? I said that I could Joel I got your math. I'm with you completely. But that's for eight. I hear that. Yeah. And I also I do think you're off by one I believe he had one I think it was three and one, but the relevance being at least the way I think that your mind was working because this is the way it used to be is long as you showed up on the last day you had a metal. It was all about the medal fights. That's what they've changed this year. You can show up on the morning of on the second day, and you still got to fight for it. Even the NCW tournament. She's coming up in a number of weeks. If you're there on the final day, you got some hardware that sucks to make weight. And then you, you know, you make you got in the morning, you make way you warm up. You do the whole bit. I thought he wrestled great. I really did. I thought he wrestled very solid. He works artists. A tough way classic beat some tough guys. Got beaten some tough matches. I thought a lot about EJ Ethan Goff. He goes out and has a one hundred twenty one hundred thirteen Pounder for Oregon for Westland. High school of great kid known him since he was, you know, a Theros age has a great district tournament and as flat and gets knocked out. He wants to Lowe's loses too. And he's he's he's just devastated. I told him I said Ethan, the one thing about wrestling is man, the you never know when you're going to have a bad day. And if it's at the state tournament your hit. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's it's so true. I mean, and he was hurting. I mean, he really wanted it which is not fun for him. But looking to his futures a great side. Good kid. Yeah. But there there was a lot that went on there. I mean, you know, it's kind of a little bit of a tough spot. If you look at Ricky bell, if you look at how upset he was that he lost the championship match. If you look at what a remarkable accomplishment was that he was in the championship match. And don't forget, whether there was some whatever the back story is. I mean, the bottom line is he was fifth in districts a year ago in one year, he goes from fifth and districts to Fargo all American to the state finals, if you look at that gap in improvement..

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