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Going up I'm going I'm coming back I have been summoned this was a like a little meat on numbers nine for me the doctor coming back I told you check it out Marcus is get in our show yeah mark is going on every time I. T. something we don't get to it yeah I tease the additional creative so we know what we're gonna get to I like to think though that your county does to pay the bills yeah should detours have been a lot of good pay off the debt or worry yeah we got a bean pot anecdote a Frank Pepe base came up at one point we had the where Brad man's were ledges checking and send your shirtless take is on point thank you Brad Brad knows he was out there he's candlestick kid I mean could you would you didn't think about it was like it was sent out to tell him to kill the shirt off maybe you could leave the game you forget your shirt inside and so I missed the carefree in which we now it's vanity all these guys are in the general in power everybody shaved and and oiled up colds and they got their barbed wire taps rather by as with the oil on now like what do you do draper was an oil went up now was not knowing he have chest hair he was too busy getting dates a new accounts yeah Hey I want to promise that's what you don't bring in business and his meal on dates mean tweets from Jimmy Kimmel okay NFL style is it Tom Brady who else markets to when I was in this Tom Brady chaired golf Todd Gurley there's a whole list on there okay okay let's hear all right hi I'm Tom Brady and I'm a crybaby and I have a **** hole in my chin I imagine homes barber is a super hero who has to run out and save the world every time he gets halfway through my homes hair cut this dude Travis Kelsey looks like the Notre Dame leprechaun Moses so very good looks like he's been lying everyday for his whole life Todd Gurley is of snow flake lose a bit Tom Brady you fat **** I hope you cry I why these days I running looks like Forrest Gump running when we had the braces on.

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