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Of human cotton to kind of try to prevent this playing from happening by offering them way out soon again can recessions crisis very much kind of cross pun intended. That's a really great story. And i'm i'm tempted to use that interaction as the cover art for this because it sounds like it's just very attractive. It's quite funny in a way. The actual processions do replicate her advice. Quite closely from the little illustrations. You put on your website as well. There's everybody's shrouded their in the costume. The women have the red cross on the hedge men on the shoulders. What was involved in this percents liquids it just between luca story. Ah was it between all of the cities of tuscany. Like how far did you have to go. And what could you expect. Maybe as a pilgrim on this path soon as she thinks. I'd like to do to get from that question. Am yeah absolutely inviting gives out or these instructions in this narrative. So we didn't know if these nazis came off the procession start or if they actually preceded the processions described oh said if they were kind of created kind of nicely fit and tell the story kind of if people with baxter into what we doing so we know that they're allowed it to these songs praise and which told and this specific story which my stately did circulate is a way kind of spreading this narrative. Zippy probably have a clear sense of what being involved in the bianchi meant from people live in from elsewhere in narrative spreading so the divisions actually starts in genoa tram in an. It's eddie summer of nineteen ninety one and from there. They spread eastwards in direction of venice and allow intimates and south in the direction of written sur. Not aiming raimi's the most southern point. They hit interesting. You said that. Venice didn't let them in. And i read on your post at milan. Didn't either was there a reason they were keeping them out. So menam it's civically pet battalion kentucky dente so to avoid the contagion the plague you are allowed to participate in the bianchi musicians in distress stringently kind of restricted to the specific area..

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