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That take me back? Now, check this out more body parts. Now, sometimes I report the news. It's what I do. Sometimes I just have to rely. But there are some times where even I step back and go, wait a minute. So here you go. Are you sitting down more body? Parts are washing up on beaches in Washington state. That's right. Another grim discovery was made by beachgoers and this is a week ago. Visiting a site known as Jedi island, and they promptly called the police. Why when the police arrived on the scene, they collected a work boot which still contain the foot of its owner. You want more on this go to coast to coast AM dot com. It's right there on the front. It's right there. That's right. Some things you just can't make up. All right. He's here. He just arrived from the green room Chad Kayla is here we're going to be talking about his new movie it's called to face, which is to face the gray. It's part two for, sir. No face. This is coast to coast AM murals Jimmy church chat Kayla in the house. And we'll be right back. Stay with us. I know you're gonna watch them after hearing this. This is an amazing story. We've got Stephen and Malachi Gregory in Nelson. New Zealand Neider stand that Malachi whose eight almost nine years old now was suffering with.

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