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Your guide to legal terms from thirteenth century Saxony, Keith Davies, corrupt us scotch show. An ancient US Republican philosopher shout out to OA renner's in the politics of, yeah, shut people. Jeremiah is. Still a static that the brewers won their division Saul, the witnesses who were there, the string of unpronounceable characters Indra needs to teach the NFL how to deal in contracts. Actually, the NFL has done amazingly well without me and they are represented by Covington Burling. So I've actually done a teeny tiny bit work for the NFL way back in the day anyway, big easy, blasphemy. The co, Ed cheer squad, less sexy, but enthusiastic is hell. Legalize. The purge perga- fell versus row in a steel cage, death match with special guest referee. I think bread Cavanaugh. I couldn't come up with anything clever this week Rhonda the rigged witch-hunter, and by the way it's hard to say rigged. And which in the same sentence Malaika Chandler, restless Burnett, singing attorney, doll relationship, hot spots on my dog. I always, I always think of chunks joke every time I get to that, that that part sake pants camp quest quest on our game, quest argue Sam to now. Greg, Sullivan, zombie James, that is a dentist. An a plus reference. There will crank some DO later on yodel mountain. Herb company featuring clown horn Kush. Danny Baker at combat nonsense, Aaron gravity, adopt a homeless pet and oppose declawing in year docking, classic. Matthew Vernon, my law dog is pro bones. Thomas, I've noticed since becoming a father has just become inordinately fan of dad jokes too. So great. In an alley, Saint Muller, patron Saint of yodelers suck. Ashida Fuca soobee has OD on this week now. Never see you at QE Thomas. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm jealous that you get to meet second sheet Kasumi. He's been making me swear since two thousand sixteen Jim grove, ally, Bosnich cooking.

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