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But you but you didn't call it dick sucking lips no that's erica jane is it called dick second lips yeah the deal i think that's yeah like a ysl i just call him blowjob lips like a really bright color on i'm like okay bj lips i'm trying to be classier well that's not classy i know i haven't said it in a while but you like last night when you like did the thing when you're like i'm making money and i'm not gonna give him any i give them enough of this i was like wait what see you either have to get my humor and i i like it right prostitute but when you say i'm trying to be classier i don't think you're trying very hard i just don't think it's in me you know i just think like i'm just not the classiest bitch out there so right whatever what about the movie we're going to do with your boyfriend in it the sorority movie it comes out an august and they moved me from support was i hear when they had moved me to you told me that you were doing this movie okay so we have finished it it comes out in august it's called the row and we had one director who ended up booking something else and we brought in a new director and they moved me to the lead and people are pretty impressed by my acting because that's why i moved out here i moved out here to that's so exciting i'm really excited and you think it's going to be a full like a big screen or a netflix type of thing or what's it gonna be.

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