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ABC's? Juju Chang reporting. Komo news time is four forty nine. The washes state very system says it may need more ferries to keep up with congestion as part of the draft plan for the next twenty years. When ridership is expected to grow by thirty percent assistant secretary of Washington state ferries, Amy Scott and says over that period, thirteen of the twenty two vessels will be due to retire with our population, increasing we have to be able to serve the public. We can't do that. If our vessels are getting too old the run, and we don't have the vessels that are being built new to replace them. The plant ask for five more Olympic class ferries. The biggest obstacle is money. The cost of the plan is more than fourteen billion dollars. Komo news time is now four fifty time to check the KOMO propel insurance money update. Stocks closed mostly higher on Monday with the S and P five hundred and the NASDAQ Egypt snapping a four day losing streak on recovering technology shares. The NASDAQ picked up twenty one and a half points to close at seventy nine twenty four. This standard and Poor's five hundred gained five and a half. But the Dow Jones industrial average gave up fifty nine points to close at twenty five. Eight fifty seven Americans are boosting their borrowing. The Federal Reserve says consumer debt jumped over sixteen billion dollars in July. That's nearly twice the number from June credit card debt, which had fallen back in June turned around in July and rose by over a billion dollars. A lot of people might be thinking about borrowing money to pay for the new iphone? Apple is expected to unveil upgrade to the iphone ten this week, including bigger screens and on other models, removing the home button altogether reports also suggest improvements to the apple watch and possibly new upgraded air pods. Jim Ryan ABC news..

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