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I mean it had that feel to to me to shame. We couldn't get it done. We come on short. But it was it was definitely an effort for the ages, and we'll have Mt. Jay talked to us. Once again, I'm sure they'll be differences. You know, I feel I don't feel like it'll be a big difference. You know, the good thing about there's I know what to expect at everybody there. I'm familiar with the place and familiar with the people and familiar with the with the equipment and the cars, and I think they understand me and kind of how I tick and really the last three years of working together with furniture. Oh, and JD are working together. It's it's been a great relationship. And ultimately, that's what led to. To me getting opportunity was just that have that confidence, you know in in one another and so I'm excited for it. You know, it's definitely going to be something different something new, but. I think a lot of the things that you would normally have to figure out learn about a new team. I already know very done it, you know, so that'll make the transition a whole lot easier. So Martin's wins came at Fontana, California, Pocono, Noma and Kentucky. It's just amazing. How diverse these drivers are these days when you'll get Martin season. He had several times where he was very close real comes to mind for sure the Bristol night race comes to mind is very close there until you got wiped out by Cal Bush. There were a lot of times at Martin. Sure juniors very close victories this season and just something happened. So he was very close to possibly having a six seven maybe eight win season as well. But the cards in fall didn't Joey wipe him out to believe. So so yeah, martinsville the at the end there. So I mean, there's a lot of races. That's his track. It is. That's his track. Its in the name for twenty nine hundred Martin tricks junior makes a huge move over to J G R as furniture. Acing his former team his former championship winning team from Denver Colorado is closed down for good. That's a bummer that was a real fun story to watch unfold last few seasons that that little team that could built up into a championship contender, and we can and we out contender for the victory. And now they're no longer with us. We're going to let you off the hook is. There is no all Joey all the time episode. We are going to take a look at the champion up next on T F L W what? Lap weekly. Joey logano. And you're listening to. His name Toby Christie, my name Kerry Murphy to shows T F L W or the final laughed weekly everything covered there. Yeah. So that's get into it. And let's talk about the champion as our look at the top sixteen NASCAR Cup series. Drivers comes to close with this one for the twenty eight racing season. Coming in at number one for one champion Joey llegado racking up wins at Talladega martinsville. And of course, the season ender at homestead Miami speedway to capture the trophy the Cup. The weird looking spoke thing that is now lighter than it used to be that. I didn't know here's Joey last ten races of twenty seventeen when I feel like we finally hit the would at that point was our bottom after missing the playoffs. And we slowly started building some faster cars getting better results. And we started off and being a year having some solid results and being consistent and then about fifteen races ago that was to me the turnaround moment to where we were from running fifth to tenth to fifth. I and that I think it was really the. The moment where I felt like family, you know, we win the right races. We can win this championship. We weren't the favorites at the time. But as the season kept going along in the playoffs kept going along. Knock a few guys out in each round. And next thing, you know, you know, you're sitting there and around eight and you win at martinsville. And you got to better in anybody. All of a sudden, it's amazing. How quick it turns around that point favorites to make this happen? And we were in my opinion, not agree with that doesn't matter. What everyone thinks about it? You have to believe it yourself before you can ever do it. And here's old jail. Once again for me, I want to be the champion that's going to help grow sport..

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