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Says, eliminating early voting instituting voter ID requirements coast to coast Congressman We're expecting the Maricopa Full forensic audit out sometime maybe later this week. We're now seeing Georgia in the process. Pennsylvania is in the process. Even Wisconsin. The swing states all now either investigating the election or on the verge of conducting audits. Do you think we're eventually going to get to the truth of what happened on three November of last year? Well, it's going to be hard to do in some states that are controlled by Democrats in the states that are controlled by Republicans. I think we are going to get closer to the truth, and we're going to find out that fraud is actually pretty widespread. Voting fraud. The United States certainly manipulating voting laws unconstitutionally occurred in the last election. This is the reason why you know 147 of us objected on the House floor. To accepting electors from states where basically unconstitutional voting law changes occurred. And John and Westminster wanted to know if you believe that the 2020 election was stolen. Well, it's there certainly were unconstitutional changes in voting laws that should never have occurred. We need to make sure that, uh, you know, probably Supreme Court should rule finally once and for all about whether executives, state executives and state courts Can change voting laws, which is which is blatantly unconstitutional. By the way, Steve Bannon over at the war room. He's led this charge to this really starts the it's A and you get down to the Micro level here that this next election cycle starts at the precinct level and right now, believe it or not in 65 key counties, Um 41 of the 65. Have reported an unusual increase in sign ups. Since the Bannon campaign has begun. At least 8500 new Republican precinct officers have joined these county parties and the Democrats now beginning to fear and worry about this movement. This grassroots movement, Uh do you agree with this is this Is this a good political strategy? To start at the very lowest levels and work ground up. We certainly need to start at local levels. We need to start locally. One thing that that we're finding out that you're gonna be hearing more about in the next few weeks is the number of people in Maryland, for instance, who are registered to vote at the self storage unit. Now you explain to me how someone can live in a self storage unit. But what we're hearing is that this is occurring in many places. People are registering the vote in places that aren't residences. The fact of the matter is you have to have it. You know, you have to put down an address where you live to vote and you know we're going to get to the bottom of it. You know what's going on? What kind of fraudulent activities occurring right here in Maryland. Yeah, it looks like if the election were held today, and it was a Trump Biden race, it would be Trump fairly easily. Bides numbers are upside down on just about every issue and right now at least a five point advantage for President Trump. Yeah, but But again, we've got a long way to go and voters have short memories, right? That's absolutely right. But I think the more time occurs that Joe Biden is president. The more of buyer's remorse there is in America. The more people are willing to say You know what I'll put up with President Trump's tweets. If we can have back our economy and our America first position in the world was preeminence instead of the embarrassment we're seeing in Afghanistan and the inflation and terrible employment numbers we're seeing here in in America. Gold star Mom, Shawna Chappelle has asked former President Trump to be president. Her son, Karim McCooey, his funeral president, Trump put out a statement. Saying that Thank you, Sean. Our country loves you. And especially loves your beautiful boy Korean know whether on a word on whether he would attend or not, But, uh, is this is unusual Is it not for gold star families? To come out in such great numbers and be very critical of the president, as they have in this particular case with Joe Biden. Well, if you read her, you know what she claims Joe Biden did to her at Dover. You would fully understand why she rejects. Joe Biden is the person who should be at her son's funeral and and would Willingly accept former President Trump to be there because she she acknowledges that Joe Biden doesn't know what's going on. He put her son into in mortal danger and is responsible for his death. And next hour we'll have Riley McCollum's sister, Cheyenne, her meeting with Joe Biden as well. So that is our mega update for today. Everybody say day for our country and for our Children. The best is yet to come more with Congressman Andy Harris in just a moment right now, Law, says Michael A. Freedman. The Stephen Friedman is joining us from the firm. Steven Good Morning. Hey, Sean. Good morning. If he had a great holiday we didn't you Happy New Year. Yeah. Happy New Year as well. So Russia saw the Jewish New Year I started, uh, last night. Absolutely. All right. So you've been in an automobile accident. You've been struck by a drunk driver. What are your rights? What are your responsibilities? When the defendant goes to criminal traffic court? We never talked about this. So let me illustrate this through a case that I settled last week. Here's the facts of this case. Represented a 35 year old. He was traveling from Towson to Pennsylvania to see his father. He's on I 83 northbound. And as he's approaching two here for area he's in the right lane going about 60 miles an hour he gets slammed in the rear. And I mean the defendant's going so fast. My client doesn't even see it so My client loses control of the car. Drives off 83 smashes into a tree and the defendant is still going. Meanwhile, the defendant has two flat tires. Fortunately, the state police in the area they arrest them right prior to the Pennsylvania line. Client goes to the hospital. Unfortunately, just soft tissue injuries he does about 4 to 6 months of physical therapy. We were able to settle his case. The defendant discharged with Wi and a host of other charges. So my client is then subpoenaed to court and when one is charged with or when, once a victim of a crime in Maryland You have a right to a victim impact statement. So the state attorney's office in Baltimore County, for example, they have a victim advocate unit that reaches out to all the victims, um of crimes such as this case. So the state's attorney advised my client that the defendant was going to plead guilty to the dwt. But my clients still wanted to come into court to give his victim impact statements. So, uh, when they're after the defendant pled guilty, my client was able to go before the judge and tell the judge exactly how The accident affected him and his family and what he wanted to see happen to the defendant. Who, by the way, it was his fourth DW in four years, so the judge gave him jail time. So even if it's a non in corporal offense, like a reckless driving or negligent driving You as the victim should be and are summons the court. You need to go to court because you don't want the defendant to be found not guilty. And it's important because your testimony could prove important to make sure that that happens. So, folks have you been in any type of auto.

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