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Have the paperwork of of jtc and so the powerful. That is the very first day that that that that he went with us to the prison. And and we had already been familiar with it. We're being kennywood just rocking and a bunch of other guys man. I'm going to be honest. That was the first time. I had ever seen a whole lot of quiet. And i was like you always i. Am you know i'm just. I'm just soaking it in. I'm like oh man. I tell you what the first hour because it is intimidating going in. Because you have this checklist. Forget about home. If something goes off you're spending a night you can be convicted bub-bubba if you're if you're defending yourself in a a ceo sees you doing something in a certain way. He's just going to see what you did. He's not gonna worry about the reason behind it and so all of this stuff is going on and even though me kenny had already been groomed. It's still in the back of our minds going. I mean come home tonight. You know what i'm saying. I may be sitting in a three hots and a cot tomorrow and so in that within the first hour of actually going in because you know man it you know we meet we pray we have service and then everyone goes eats breakfast and then it takes an hour and a half to two hours just to get into processing and then once once you're in then it's like okay now there's another set of rules. There's this and that but man within the first hour that i've seen in there because you know the boys i'm kind of looking with all the newbies like all right how are they interacting house light d like i was like it's time to go me out. We gotta go. And so just the engagement. And i'm talking. This was a place that was oppressed. It was hard it was cold it was it was it was prison and i and i'm sitting there watching and that brought me was like look at this dude. Go man by he is He sold out he's he. It's a wrap and i remember us leaving. We took the picture in say. We're supposed to picture away. Visit her like he's supposed to be taking pictures. Delete like well. thank god. I gotta apple phone because it still as my deleted pictures anyhow. So we're leaving. And i remember the phone call that you have a lady jaye. You're like hey baby. And i could just hear her going okay. You're fine and is talking about. Wow it was just awesome. It was this. It was all fire. And so i just wanted to throw that in because i know this this couple personally and they are the real deal and so we're going to keep going with this conversation but follow the j. t. c. Support them because they are out there. Doing the things that a lot of people won't do can't do in our call to do right. There's there's a certain calling to do what that is so speaking of calling. Let's talk about that conversation that we had yesterday about the call that when you're reading these letters i have been able to. This is where i've been blessed and this just hit me about five minutes ago number. One when you're talking about your husband and how god is radically changing him by. We think we're going into change. Someone else were being changed. I see the emotional side. Because it's like my husband. And i saw the is getting welled up but i see my man and here. He was in here from eight o'clock in the morning. We had to pull them again. We had appeal away from the letters. Were like hey we want to go hang out..

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